Manjaro don't start

A while ago I used Manjaro without many problems but a few days ago it was interrupted unexpectedly and the gray screen with the cursor left in the upper left and I can not get out of that. When turning off and restarting in the rows that are running, it appears several times: "failed to start network manager" and then ends up bogged down in what I mention above. I am absolute novice in this and I will appreciate any help. regards

Worth checking this thread first:

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OP doesnt provide much information. do you have a manjaro installation media (live usb/dvd) laying around that you could use to provide relevant information and chroot in to fix your current install?
if yes, then boot the live usb/dvd, connect to network, come back here and post relevant info like

inxi -Fxxxz
then from terminal:
manjaro-chroot -a (this should drop you to a #shell)
systemctl status ??? ( i dont know what de or dm your using? sddm? lightdm?gdm?)
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep -E "(EE)|\(WW)|\error|\failed|\Time"

Might be worth a read

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