Manjaro dual boot with windows 10 ?

Hello , it my first time dualbooting linux i would like to know during the installing process when it come to partition , their is a option Alongside does that mean if i choose that option will it dual boot my windows 10 with Manjaro directly or should i do it manually using gpart to partition ,
select / and boot apart ?thanks

It is a good idea to partition manually, since a possible re-installation will be much easier.
Create some partitions:

  1. /boot/efi 100MB VFAT (Fat32)
  2. /boot 1GB
  3. swap > size of RAM, if you want to use suspend to disk
  4. /(root) >30GB
  5. /home >30GB

And you don´t provide much information about your system.

Isn't swap partition not recommended anymore nowadays?

I'm not very sure on this, I don't use swap partition anymore but CMIIW

If you want to make use of hibernation you need swap - at least the size of your systems memory.

A little swap is always to prefer to none because that little swap can make the difference between a total irrevokably collapse of your system or a possibility of a cleaner shutdown not compromising you filesystem.

Using a swapfile or a swap partition is usually an equal choice.

To be honest, it's actually "at most the size of RAM".
Actively used RAM is what will go to suspend to swap file/partition.

It's just easy to dual boot Windows 10 with manjaro.
The first option "alongside" will resize your windowd partition to install manjaro on the new free created space. And this ia the easiest way.
I recommend to you to make some efforts and go manually to create 3 partition :

  1. A Fat32 partion "100mb ~ 1gb" which will be used as the boot/efi or in this case use the one created by windows 10.
  2. A swap partition " Your Ram size"
  3. The root partition " 10gb~the size you want"

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