Manjaro Duel Boot Win 10 on Asus Vivobook

Hi guy's, I am installing Manjaro on my work laptop as a duel boot with pre-installed Windows 10.

I have a couple of issues and no avail reading posts for other people with Duel boot issues.

Background info:

  • Manjaro installed on same disk as windows 10 on a separate partition using manual partition method
    *Changed the windows boot partition to the /boot/efi mount point
  • Fast boot and secure boot disabled
  • I can only boot into the install using the Live Thumbdrive and detecting the EFI boot partitions and choosing Manjaro
    *Interestingly I don't recall the manual partitioner as part of the install saying it was installing a bootloader, just that the mount point was changing to /boot/efi

I am being a bit more cautious here because I don't want to blow away windows 10 which I also need.

What on earth have I done wrong ?

Thanks in advance
try this when you boot into manjaro

We need more information.
But take a look at this first. Maybe you can sort this all out yourself.
If need help, provide the information as listed in that link.

Good luck.

Thanks guys, I actually followed your solution to this. (First solution, for the record)

So I can now boot into Manjaro and Windows but I get some funky warning error, might reply with the details and see if anyone can advise.

Oh and wireless doesn't work but I'm used to nutting that out with Arch (fingers crossed).

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Ok I had an issue with the following error on startup after choosing an OS in GRUB:

Error: Parse file not allowed

Resolved it with the solution found here

We can close this one out, I am going to create another topic for the wierd wireless issue I am having.

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