Manjaro Editions - Support and Trust


  • What is the difference between official, community and spin-offs?
  • What is with the unofficial spins?
  • Are there any unsupported editions?
  • Can I trust the publisher of a community edition?
  • Can I trust the publisher of an unofficial spin-off?


Manjaro is open source and distributed on GPL license but what is a GPL license?

That essentially means - you can redistribute any and all parts of Manjaro under the same license.

This freedom makes it possible for any user to create a spin of Manjaro, modifying it for a specific purpose, adding/removing tools and release it to a public audience.

Official vs. Community vs. unofficial

To maintain a distribution requires a lot of work and the Manjaro team members can only do as much as their spare time allows. Manjaro team members can be recognized by their email address.

The official editions of Manjaro are the editions which will always be there as opposed to the community editions which from time to time may or may not be maintained.

Unofficial spins are created and maintained by forum users and supported by the user(s) responsible for the spin.



Official editions can be downloaded from

  • Xfce
  • KDE Plasma
  • Gnome
  • Architect CLI net installer


As the community editions are build and released when time permits you should check the download locations.


This is a common description of any version of Manjaro not built by the Manjaro team.

The unofficial spins are maintained by one or more forum users and have arisen from a desire to achieve a special goal.

This goal may be providing a version of Manjaro for a specific audience e.g. webdevelopers or gamers.

Often - but not always - this includes application packages not available in the official repo. Support for such packages - which are not available in Manjaro repos - should be directed at the spin's maintainer e.g. for rebuilding a package.

Unofficial spins have their own support category on the #support-for-community-editions:unofficial-spins

Examples of such versions are

  • enlightenment
  • manjarowish
  • mgame
  • tromjaro
  • webdad
  • webdev

Some of the unofficial spin offs goes one step further to achieve their goal. One example of this is

  • cleanjaro

This build offers something different as the kernels are built with a different use in mind.


All Manjaro editions and spin-offs are supported in the forum and receive the same updates from Manjaro repositories.

For all intents and purposes they are Manjaro versions but there may be issues the maintainer(s) are better suited to answer so tagging your topic and placing your issue in the relevant category will help everyone in addressing the issue.


As with all software - the only person that can decide what to trust is yourself.

Maintainers are usually knowledgeable users and long time members on the forum.

The official and community editions are built, signed and uploaded by trusted Manjaro maintainers. You will always be able to verify an ISO using a gpg signature.

If the signature fails you should get another ISO from the Manjaro or Manjaro Community source at OSDN.

For unofficial spin-offs you can check the user's profile and activity on the forum. Judge for yourself if you want to trust but suffice to say - we have yet to experience malicious intent.


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