Manjaro failed to move past log in screen

everytime i attempt to login i get to this screen where nothing happens (not being moved to desktop). ive moved to the longtime support kernel and nothing has changed. i am using KDE Plasma and a custom lockscreen. I am still able to access the terminal by pressing ctrl alt F2

Hello and welcome to Manjaro!

Since when do you experience this behaviour? Are you sure that you didn't select the Plasma Wayland session in SDDM (login screen)?

Could you please provide more in-depth information on the hard- and software you use with this command and the output formatted properly

inxi --full --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host

as described in this article

To get more information on the problem, please give us the output of this, after you tried logging in, so the error has occurred and has been written to the journal

journalctl -b 

The output is probably to long to post here so please put it in a pastebin, like . If you can't access it you can put it in a file first and put it on a USB stick to post it via another machine. To put the journal in a file do this from another TTY (ctrl+alt+F2)

journalctl -b > manjarojournal

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