Manjaro Fluxbox 2017 with OpenRC

Is it possible to get fluxbox re-added to the community editions iso-profiles and updated for 2017 with OpenRC? I personally tried the old version and loved it and would love to use it but somehow had upgrade failures (clueless as to what) so here I am.

There aren't maintainers for Fluxbox profile

OpenRC in Manjaro will be discontinued soon

OK, so no maintainer. I get that kind of but some people still have older and less beast-like laptops, such as mine but why is OpenRC going away?

Is discussed here: Manjaro-openrc will be discontinued

In very short terms to make a better OpenRC OS, 2 init systems in the same repository aren't the better deal, a complete systemd-free repository is the way


Manjaro Team has released Artix Linux. With OpenRC.Have a look at distrowatch. Features the i3 and Lxqt desktop.


Artix Linux is not a Manjaro project.
@artoo and a few others (mainly from Arch) started Artix as an OpenRC solution for Arch based distro's.

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