Manjaro for Arm on RK3399 android box

I have never used linux but i would like to try it and have decided on Manjaro.
I have RK3399 android box. ( Specs: RK3399 Android 7.1 R99 4G/32G Smart TV Box 4K HD Streaming TV Box Receiver 2.4G/5G Dual Wireless Network with BT 4.0)

More details on device can be found here :

I'd like to achieve a couple of things:

  1. Of all the available RK3399 versions of Manjaro i would like to know which one will work for me since my exact device is not listed in the downloads list.
  2. Delete android if possible before installing Manjaro
  3. Install Manjaro preferably using a USB rather than a SD card since I don't have one of those lying around.

any guidance is appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the forum,

Happy to see new users joining the forum to try Linux on the devices they own.

I will have to do some research about this device to see which image will be suitable for it.

As per my experience with rk3399 you would just need an image with uboot to boot from sd card and not touch Android so you dont have to mess with the emmc content.
As it is not easy to restore some unbranded tv boxes.

Always get a backup first.
Afaik rk3399 uboot can boot from sd card first and emmc but not from usb. Not sure if they have added any support for usb boot.

Thank you for taking interest in Manjaro Arm Project.

I do plan to start working on tv boxes but have time constrain and had to get samples in my region while there are N number of tv boxes already.

Not correct.
The bootrom inside the rk3399 is set to boot from SPI -> eMMC -> SD.
The reason why our devices boot from SD first, is because we define it in our uboot setup, which is flashed onto the eMMC.

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I put sometime in looking for this device details and hardly I can find anything technical about it,
I know most of its configuration and the chips used but not sure which dtb can be used for it.

You can try some rk3399 images on your own risk.
I am not sure if any of it will be able to boot until someone tries it.
You can try Edge-V for now as this is the one I have worked on.

Flash it on SD card using Etcher and try to boot it.

Check if you can get anything to display on the screen if it boots.

I do not take any responsibility if your device gets br!cked or something happens to it as this is not a supported device.

Good luck.

Sure, I'll try the edge v pro image, in the meantime what technical info do you want? Is there any command on Android that I can run and give you that information?

No there is no technical details that you can provide it some kernel developer might need sample device along with the schematic of the board which only the manufacturer can share.

So all you can do is try all the possible images available online which includes our images and other distro images and see if any on it works on your device, if that doesn't work then it is not possible to make linux work on your device as there is not official support for this device in linux kernel.

Good Luck.

I have a 1gb SD card. And the image size is 800 mb.
So will it work or do I need a bigger size card. the videos I watched on youtube say that you need at least a 4gb card.

Is the image 1 GB or is it the compressed image? :slight_smile:

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You need minimum 8gb sd card as the image itself is around 4gb uncompressed.

also make sure you have a high speed sd card.

One last question before I try installing the os. once I flash the image on sd card, enter the SD card in the device and boot it, manjaro will install on my device memory correct? Or will I need SD card everytime I want to run manjaro.?

Manjaro will not install on your device.

This is just sd card image where you can use Manjaro over sd card, so you will need the sd card everytime you want to boot into manjaro.

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