Manjaro forum design

It's been a while since I've logged in / visited this forum.

I really like manjaro and I'd like to learn more and keep up to date, but to be really honest - I really hate the forum, it's super-messy, and that's the reason I'm not visiting the forum more than once every 6 months or so, and that ofcourse keeps me from wanting to learn more.

Linux Mint forum is super easy to navigate and find relevant subject in, why complicate things? Why not go with a regular phpBB forum that's easy and superlogical ?

If the goal for Manjaro is to grow and have a really big community (like Mint) - I don't really see a future for this forum, it's hard and looks supermessy with a messy navigation, it even took me a while to find out how to log out.

You should really think this over and migrate to phpBB.

Sorry, I hope I don't offent anyone, I just wanted to be honest, and I also want Manjaro to be successful.


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This is one of those situations where there is no way to please everyone. Discourse is a much more modern solution than something like phpBB. Unfortunately, some people would prefer a more traditional forum like that. However, if we had a phpBB forum, we would get feedback that we should have a more modern alternative like Discourse. :man_shrugging:

EDIT: Is probably worth noting that Manjaro used to have a more traditional forum based on SMF and migrated to Discourse from there.


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I disagree with the premise that the Manjaro forum would be hard to navigate. It's no harder to navigate than any other type of forum for anyone who spends a bit of time here. It's just a little different, that's all.

The virtually real-time-interactive nature of the Discourse engine makes it super-easy to work with and find any particular forum category. You even have autocompletion when typing in the name of a forum category, or the name of a member, and in the latter case, the member will be "pinged" via their notifications, even.

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I have to say, Discourse, which is what Manjaro uses, is one of the best, cleanest, modern, easy to navigate forum I've ever used. It also has a lot of advanced features. All the categories and tags are nice and useful. And the search engine is pretty great.

To me, phpBB is quite old looking and messy. Does not look clean at all. Also, their default search uses Google search.


Hi sir, it's great to hear that you like manjaro.

I'm not visiting the forum more than once every 6 months or so, and that of course keeps me from wanting to learn more.

So this is the reason you don't want to learn more ? Weird :thinking:

Linux Mint forum is super easy to navigate

If you are used to it, it is. But isn't this with everything? Besides, in the early days of phpBB I was a big fan and I would agree with you. Now phpBB has changed a lot, and not always in a good way.

In the end we all have different tastes. But that's ok :wink:


Me too, the first one, two days.
Now I didn't like reddit, I personally did not not find anything I search for.
And all phpBB looks like 90' style from MS DOS and Mac, for me.
But that's life, you can't style something that everybody like.

So the maxim is, eat or die :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

Auf deutsch klingt es irgendwie besser :wink:
Friss oder stirb :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:



Discourse is not a traditional web forum. It's more of a forum-chat hybrid and that makes it weird at first but for interactive fast-moving discussions it's far better than a traditional forum.

Yes, you'll have to invest a little time to find your way around, but after that you'll find it far easier to use than phpBB.


The first forum I saw with using this was Plex. At first I hated it cause it was hard to navigate, but like anything EVEN your OS it just takes time and patience to learn. I'm so use to Discourse now that I don't even give it a second thought.


Gawd please whack me with a purple-haired divorcee if I ever utter such a piss-poor excuse--for anything.

I'm not offended, just being honest. :wink:




Why do I get the impression this conflab was created because there's nothing worth watching on TV tonight?


the forum contains much information yes?

Forums are great for learning, but if the forum simply doesn't make sense and messy in all kind of ways, why log into it?

Yeah hopefully you get the idea, and yeah I really hate reddit also.

Seems to me that I'm not exactly alone here in thinking that the forum is (was for them) hard and messy first.

I still don't think you'll attract many newcomers to this forum.
I'd go more traditional-userfriendly style if you would want it to grow, or you could have a small Manjaro community that's kind of stuck.

My 5 cents.

On that count you would be wrong. This "conflab" is because of the very first post in this thread, a post that should of been called out by a moderator and then the thread locked with only those two post in it.

You might be surprised to find that many new users (especially depending on age) flatly commend the current forum makeup.

I echo the 'you cant please everyone' sentiment.


I'll hope you're right.

I'm a quite old school :slight_smile:

btw, Thanks for a great "new" distro, I'll setup the Manjaro 19.0 in virtualbox tomorrow.

same here. similar reservations.
but it works.
and besides the search being sub-par .. really .. I could go grab a bunch of links of 'this is the best forum ever' or 'how did you make this' etc.


I'm on the Mint forums too and don't find them any harder or easier to navigate than the Manjaro forums.

.....It kinda already is a big community though?


If you want to get really nasty ... go back to the first posts here .. thats when manjaro moved to Discourse (this forum software) ... you can see all those discussions if you like.
That was years ago .. and sorry .. the issue is rather settled.


People really will fight over anything, it seems.


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