Manjaro Forums RSS Feeds – and Why You Might Want it

RSS (Rich Site Summary; originally RDF Site Summary; often called Really Simple Syndication) is often misundrstood feature on the internet. Most people think its just for News Hounds. Probably because the early tools used are often called News Readers, and were first adopted by news organizations.

These days any site can have a RSS feed.

Manjaro Forum has RSS feeds as well. Its a well hidden feature, there’s no real indication of it on the forum pages. But in general

  • You can get a feed for any catefory.
  • You can get a feed for any thread.

The latter can be a bit of a nusiance if a thread blows up with a ton of posts, so I can’t recommend it. Few threads are long running enough to make it worth while.

But a Category feed is a great way to keep abrest of new updates posted by the Manjaro Team. You’ll know about it before your computer does.

If you are running an RSS application on your computer or phone, why not add a feed of the Announcements.

How To:

First navigate to the forum of interest. You want to be at the topic list:

So if you want to be notified about all of the Announcements you would navigate to:

And if you were only intereste in announcements about Updates to the Stable branch you would navigate to the subtopic:

Then just add .rss to the end of the URL:

And copy and paste that into your RSS Reader as a new feed source.

This can be done for every Category or Sub Category found in the Manjaro Forums. You can subscribe to one, or several, and each will be monitored individually by your reader.

RSS Readers
RSS readers are a dime a dozen. There are text mode readers, GUI Readers, iPhone apps, Android Apps, web based readers, etc. Already read articles are usually hidden from view (but available if you want them), so all you see are the latest topics. All Wheat. No Chaff.

Linux RSS Readers
For linux there are also many RSS readers available. FeedReader is in AUR, and its very nice. Akregator is available for KDE/Plasma environments LifeRea is in Manjaro Repositories as is Newsbeuter for text mode consoles.

Just google “linux RSS reader” and you will find a dozen. (Of course RSS readers are available for all platforms too).

But lets face it, if you are sitting at your computer, you could just open your web browser, and be at Forum.Manjaro.Org in seconds, so why bother with a desktop reader? It really only makes sense if you have a multitude of other feeds you also follow.

Mobile RSS Readers
Many people use RSS on mobile devices to keep up with their favorite sites without the need to load graphics heavy web pages while on the go. This is where RSS really becomes useful.

Search the Apple App store or the Google Play store for RSS Readers (aka Feed Readers) and you will find dozens. Some are very configurable, from minimalist text modes to full graphics.

I tend toward the minimalist for my smartphone, because I use the RSS reader to keep up with a lot of different news and technical sites and I don’t want to waste bandwidth downloading a lot of pictures or youtube videos. I chose one I could configure to just show the text.

I can scroll through a dozen sites while drinking my morning coffee. As with most RSS readers I can tap an article to see the full text, or to visit the actual website.

I never have an excuse for doing a Manjaro Update without first reading the Forum Post again.

Syncing Readers
Some of these RSS Readers use subscription services, usually third parties or OwnCloud on your own linux box. These may be free or paid services.

The point of these services is the ability to sync unread/read status across all your devices. Mark an article read in one device causes it to be marked read in all your other devices or desktops.

Note: This Tutorial inspired by @linux-aarhus in this post: Why do Manjaro Stable updates break the system? Is it bad testing?


If you like conky you can use something like this:

${rss 600 feed_title}
${rss 600 item_titles 5 2}


adding to my much neglected newsbeuter. thanks

Very informative. Thank you,

What news reader are you using on your phone? It looks good.

G Reader Pro. (Android). Looking at it in the Google Play store you will see it is very very configurable, and does not require a remote or third party server. It will handle podcasts as well.

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I'm using Inoreader, web-version, but it has iOS/Android/Windows Phone apps too, though I don't use these.

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You can also get RSS for user activity (which is yours). Seems like adding .rss to most URLs work.

For instance, below is my only topic URL:

The nice thing about this is, I usually share my threads in these kind of platforms (like StackOverflow, any Stackexchange as well) in Twitter with the help of IFTTT. I simply post and IFTTT automagically shares what I have posted on Twitter.

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