Manjaro freezes mhwd command

No the mhwd command has not freezed.

You are supposed to enter your password as indicated by the prompt.

It says [sudo] password for

I have entered in that photo, when i just entered and clicked enter the system freezed

I know this is not exactly the same thing, but I have a GTX 1050Ti, and when I boot into a live USB Xfce session with free drivers, the system, well the mouse pointer, becomes very laggy until it stops moving altogether. However, with video-nvidia, it works fine.

If you still have issues with your main system, you could try a live USB/CD session and CHROOT into your main system to update the video driver.

On *nix systems - in a terminal - when you are requested a password - you will not see any indication of input until you press enter.

This is why I ask: did you input your password at the prompt

[sudo] password for unaipuells:

The system is not frozen - you just don't see input -

I know. I put the password and then press enter and the system freezes completely I cannot move even the mouse.

OK - does your system have an internet connection?

If not the mhwd command might hang and appear frozen if your driver is not available locally.

What is the output of:

hwinfo --gfx
mhwd -lh
mhwd -li

Yes, I have internet connection

What is the output of the commands @philm requested?

Has completely freezed 10 seconds after runned the command hwinfo —gfx

Seems some is totally off on your end. Normally hwinfo takes less than 10 seconds to display you the result.

Indeed - pointed out in post 5

always make sure to turn secureboot fastboot in bios off .also in windows10 turn fastboot off.
you installed manjaro in uefi mode or bios mode???
might as well try other iso like xfce 18.0.1preview
and see if issue persist

Try to boot with modprobe.blacklist=nouveau, then run @philm's commands again.

This issue isnt isolated to just his machine. I bought a new laptop a couple weeks ago and have been struggling to install manjaro(gnome) on it as well( It installs fine and boots to the login in screen but the second I attempt to login it freezes and needs to be power cycled. I can hit ctrl + alt + F2 and login that way and certain commands like pacman -Syu work but if I try an mhwd command or inxi I receive a " soft lockup - CPU stuck for #s!".

Have you done a search for your card on the forums?

Here is just one example of things to try and learn.

@unaipuelles i finally got my installation to work. I used a combination of the instructions from and the instructions in the post @anika200 linked.

Roughly it was

  1. Add kernel flag systemd.mask=mhwd-live.service
  2. Choose non free drivers
  3. Edit /lib/calamares/modules/mhwdcfg/ as stated in the github post.
  4. Install system
  5. Reboot add kernel flag acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2009" pcie_port_pm=off
  6. Follow the instructions from

That is so great.

Thank you for sharing the results. :+1:

This is just the solution. Thanks a lot for your time.

Let’s enjoy Manjaro!

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