Manjaro freezing in virtual box Windows 7 host

Anyone know why Manjaro randomly seems to freeze during sessions?
Install went fine, I learned how to dual boot from videos and articles online, theirs works fine.

I used Virtual Box and latest edition.


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Is there any pattern to it?

What sort of "freeze"? e.g.

  • Unresponsive to input but activity still happening?
  • Momentarily unresponsive?
  • Requires a CTRL-ALT-DEL?
  • Requires a SysReq REISUB?
  • Requires a hard poweroff?

What hardware do you have and which DE are you running?

Output of inxi -Fxxxz is useful.

Tune your VM?

enable virtual extension in firmware and setup vm to use

  • at least 2GB RAM
  • 2 cpu
  • VBoxSVGA graphics
  • 128MB graphics memory
  • 3d enabled

Ok thanks.
It's a total freeze. Such that I am opening firefox (3 tabs) and it freezes. Whole system freezes. I have to go with option of rebooting.
Notebook Corei7 Windows 7.

Just to confirm this is a VM?

What resources did you give it? Did you add any swap space?

I am not sure what you by tune but I installed successfully.
I just ran a basic install of VM, setup the new VM as Manjaro and installed to external SSD.

Yes, using virtual box.
I assigned 4 GB ram, 2 core processors and ....swap space. Hmmm, I thought that was already preconfigured. I'll look it up.

Also, just to check it's the VM which is freezing, not the host OS?

Yes it's the VM only, my windows system runs fine.

I'm trying to post the command line information but it cannot copy so will find a way.

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Apparently the original post was removed.

Any idea why Manjaro keeps freezing in VM?

It wasn't. Therefore I moved your post to the original topic to avoid double posting, apparently unintentional.

If you still have these problems in the VM, just give it a try with a live USB stick with the Manjaro Linux of your choice.

If everything is stable and you like it, you can permanently install with dual-boot.
VM is not always the best choice, at least my experiences are ...

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Did these things and now it seems fine. Thank you.

The only small error is that when I enabled vbox and 3d, a message popped up, something about version 6.1 will not be able to save image disks with vbox and 3d enabled, so I need to remove one of them.

I guess I have to install again with it modified.

Good to know - thought it was a system set up or something. Thanks

The other error is
Vboxclient DND failed to connect.

Is this the same as the kernel?
I found a post on the forum - rc=verr cannot connect kernel

and it says:
Did you remove the iso from the settings

Not sure what that means. The ISO is on the external hard drive.
I have yet to install Manjaro full to the External hard drive.


Section 6, 8, 9 and 10

Verify kernel modules in Manjaro guest by terminal command

~ >>> mhwd-kernel -li
Currently running: 5.3.4-1-MANJARO (linux53)
The following kernels are installed in your system:
   * linux52
~ >>> sudo pacman -Syu linux52-virtualbox-guest-modules

Ok, so I did the second command first to install guest packages, etc.

Here is the output:
Currently running: (linux52)
The following kernels are installed in your system:

  • linux52

So I sent to the wiki, it wasn't clear if I should update to latest. I mean right now it seems to be working ok with respect to speed with new adjustments (I did a fresh install).
When I go to Manjaro Setting Manager, it says 4.19.69-1

Still have this problem though:

Vboxclient DND failed to connect.

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