Manjaro GNOME 19.0-pre3 (stable branch)

I am proud to announce our 3rd preview build of the upcoming Manjaro-GNOME 19.0 Kyria release.
This is the first full build on stable branch .

gnome19pre3-1 gnome19pre3-5

The 19.0 edition comes with Manjaro's new Gnome layouts switcher

For choice in a easy way your preferred layout style and for settings a lot of the common settings

Also you can choice at first run what you need or not in a list of common apps

To complete this edition we have installed:

We hope you enjoy it and please leave feedback. :grinning:


Finally with this build I was able to boot up the live system on my computer with an RX 5700XT.


Can't wait to try it. I have a question though.

I have a boot partition, root partition and home partition.

If I want to get a fresh install of pre3 without undoing all of my tweaks, can I just "format" my / partition and "keep" my /home partition when installing?

How about not doing that and messing up your installed applications and instead just installing the new packages and creating a new user account to dabble with it in?

That way everything you have done already is safe. @Ste74 I believe the package needed to do this with a fresh skel folder would be manjaro-gnome-settings-19.0? If not, can you supply a list of packages required for existing installations to preview the new stuff please?

Alternatively try it from Live media for a while or use a VM if your machine has enough processor cores and RAM

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Out of curiosity, how would it affect installed applications?

formatting the root partition removes any applications you added on top of the default set in an ISO, same goes for printer drivers or other third-party stuff from AUR.

I'm more of a KDE fan, but I absolutly loved the layouts switcher.

This new gnome preview is sexy hot!!!

Loved your work!!!

I'll give it a spin in a VM soon. The ability to specifically install (or not) certain software is really great. ArchLabs has a net-installer that let's you do just that, and instead of going through a myriad of options in either Architect or a net-installer I'd love it if a really minimal ISO would be available (@JimB is doing just that). Keep up the good work, thanks!

A Gnome spin might be in the works. :slight_smile:

Wow, Manjaro is going places!

I'm actually a Manjaro i3 user and not planning to switch - just came to see what's been going on at other flavors'. And what I see is some really neat and cool stuff! Manjaro Team rocks!

One question/suggestion: layout selection looks nice, but the next screenshot (4th one) shows a vast amount of empty space in the right side, which is kinda ugly. I'd suggest to re-arrange those settings in more elegant way.

If you do a minimal gnome spin you might want to check out disable-tracker and lighter-gnome packages. They reduce resource usage by disabling some rarely needed startup services like wacom support. Except for the tracker, gnome-shell still starts them if they are actually used.

Thanks for pointing that out. They layout switcher is usually less wide and design reflects that. It's embedding to manjaro-hello makes the window somewhat wider. We could rearrange the toggles to use wider area when we are adding more layouts.

Thanks for the suggestion. Lighter-gnome looks like a great package and likely will be in both iso's. I just wonder if trackers indexing is really needed since it wont be started if disabled.

its needed if you use
etc media apps

Thanks, likely not a good thing to disable without thinking about it for a long time.

i was furstrated at first
when using wayfire
why the hell those apps did not work as they should be.
wayfire doesnt respect any autostarts
like .config/autostart

so i set trackers to autostart in wayfire
its a very bad idea to disable trackers and miners

Will it be easy to upgrade from Manjaro 18.1.5 to Manjaro 19.0 final without new installation ?

When Manjaro 19.0 final will be available ?


Since Manjaro is a rolling release distribution, the upgrade to 19 will look just like any other updates you get. There won't be a major update like with a point release distro. (Nothing will say "do you want to update to 19")

Please correct me if I'm wrong. When the rolling update comes, in order to get the linux55 kernel you'll have to install it yourself. Otherwise whichever kernel you're already running will continue as your main kernel. If you choose to install the 55 kernel, it's super easy from Manjaro settings Kernel app. Next time you reboot, just select the new kernel from the Grub menu. Keep the older kernel to fall back (just in case you need to).

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