(Manjaro Gnome) Black Screen at login after Last Stable Update [2017-1-30]

Same issue for me after rebooting this morning (did the update last night).

Found a solution that worked for me on this thread (using google cache, because for whatever reason the topic doesn't seem to existe anymore)

So I downgraded webkit2gtk to 2.14.2-2 instead of the current 2.14-3-1 and it worked for me

pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/webkit2gtk-2.14.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.gz

Doesn't sound like a real solution to me but absolutely need to work this morning so I'll look further into this issue later.


Thanks @Ste74 and @Gog0. Solved my problems for now.

Uhmm let me see why.. this is an antergos pkgs .. here only modify the theme to match with manjaro brand...

Hi, I have a Budgie instalation and after this update my system won't boot anymore.

Anybody in the same situation?[quote="AlManja, post:4, topic:16702"]
Did you report the problem in the last stable update?

Yes, but since Gnome and Budgie aren't the main DE's I guess most ppl couldn't help.

Thanks @Gog0 ,
I'll use your workaround for now. It's much better than starting X manually.
The thing is the lighDm greeter in my case lost it's references to themes and icons and I checked the paths with no success on finding the original themes (vertex-maia-square) or icons (maia).

Do you guys have those files in your system? At /usr/share/themes and /usr/share/icons ?

EDIT: Lemme just confirm that @Gog0 's workaround worked for me, and the themes and icons rolled back (Strange since I messed with the lightdm config to change theme and icons).

Hi all,
Thanks everyone for the precious help!
I successfully logged in by using @Gog0's workaround.

To answer previous questions, I'm using bumblebee with proprietary drivers.
I installed Manjaro from the GNOME community edition 16.10.

If I understand correctly lightdm should be replaced with gdm? Any advice to transition safely?

If more logs are needed just ask.
Thanks again for all the help!

I had exactly the same issue. But in my case, just after updating, I upgraded the kernel, then rebboted, and got the black screen, instead of the greeter. After a lot of searching and no solution, I decided to reinstall the whole system. All good, then updated. Greeter gone again. is there an ticket started for this issue? Is it a generalized problem with this update?

Do you use gnome/budgie or something else? If Gnome/Budgie, try upper solution. I see you posted before you have Budgie. Same in your profile. You probably just need to downgrade one library. See upper posts and this:

Didn't work?

Best would be you open new subject so good folks here knows you also need help.

Before doing this, you could do few steps in advance:

  • First you need to find out if your computer freezes or just doesn't load startx. So, got to tty (Ctrl+Alt+F2) and if you get login prompt, enter your name and password. This would mean, your system didn't freeze. But startx didn't load for some reason or you have problem with video driver.

  • run startx, does it come up? If no, what are the errors?

  • run and post into your new thread:

inxi -Fxzc0
mhwd -li
hwinfo --gfxcard

Run and look for errors, post about them

journalctl -p err -b

And sorry, i'm beginner I will not be able to help you

As @Gog0 found out this issue is related only with the 'webkit2gtk' package.

If you update all system but this package you'll be fine.

Why did this package update broke the system I guess is a more complicated question to answer... Probably we should let the community maintainer (Gnome and Budgie Versions) know about this issue and wait for their feedback.

EDIT: Since this issue will affect both versions I guess we'll have a more ellaborate answer in a few days.

Stay tuned here , i have to recompile the pkgs .. tonight i annunce in this tread if new version solve for you .. I not track this issue because my system work normally but now i see where is broke :slight_smile:


are you talking about this thread?

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No , this

but user close and post here .. all is ok .. thank you for your viewing :slight_smile:


Thanks man, let us know if any more info (logs) is needed.

Thank your for looking into it :slight_smile: And sorry for the other topic, didn't find how to delete it (don't know if I'm stupid :confused: or if we actually can't)

Guys... even after the workaround my systemd still says the lighdm.service is off.

Isn't lightdm and lightdm.service related?


systemctl status lightdm.service
● lightdm.service - Light Display Manager
   Loaded: error (Reason: File exists)
   Active: inactive (dead)
     Docs: man:lightdm(1)

    jan 31 14:49:53 alexandre-pc systemd[1]: lightdm.service: Two services allocated
    jan 31 14:51:52 alexandre-pc systemd[1]: lightdm.service: Two services allocated

Is this normal for Budgie/Gnome Manjaro systems?

Well done i have pushed in all branch the new lightdm-webkit2-greeter-manjaro and dark version
new version is 1.3.1-1 install and update the webkit2gtk pkg and report back


I can confirm that this package has fixed the issue.

Praise the SUN!

EDIT: BTW OP (@bamboolean) you could prolly already set this thread as [Solved]

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Thanks @Ste74, great work as always, that last update fixed the problem!

@amonobeax yep, marked solved, thank you!


sorry to open this topic again, but...

I'm kinda stuck on the same problem. After booting i was only seeing a black screen with the mouse pointer. I could login to my desktop using ctrl+alt+f2, typing in username/password and then typing "startx".

Yesterday I found out, that all this is unnecessary. I can just click the mouse and the regular login screen comes up (I'm using xfce by the way). Now my only problem is the black screen at startup - I'd like to see the login screen right away.

Any suggestions?

Hi man! IDK I think you should open a new thread about your issue.

The issue we solved here was directly related to both Gnome and Bundgie version of Manjaro (since Bundgie is a very customized version of Gnome shell).

XFCE is different, IDK if any info in this thread can be used to help your issue.

Booting regularly updated Manjaro Gnome's default kernel shows the text messages scrolling by (removed Plymouth stuff) and stopped at a black screen when the Gnome login should appear. As opposed to OPs issue there was no mouse cursor shown either.
This had happened to me a couple of months ago already, which I remember me to to "fix" by using the fallback kernel boot option. Today, the fallback kernel did not solve this either.

Did not try to enter Ctrl+Alt+F2 login screen, but booted Windows instead, found this thread and was going to try the webkit2gtk downgrade as proposed on the next boot, but then it obviously got scared or something, because this time the Gnome login screen returned. So… what was this about?

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