Manjaro/Grub disappearing at random from dual-boot UEFI system?

I dual-boot Manjaro and Windows, via Grub and UEFI on a Lenovo Yoga C930, which uses Bitlocker and Secure Boot. I can successfully boot into Manjaro if I disable Secure Boot in BIOS, and I can also boot into Windows if I re-enable Secure Boot in BIOS. For reasons unknown, and seemingly at random, I'll just lose my Linux bootloader. I don't know whether it's getting deleted, or suddenly can't be recognized, or what, but I can't boot from it, and it doesn't show up as an option in BIOS.

I can manage to reinstall Grub by following the instructions on the Wiki, but eventually it will just disappear. What's going on, and how can I prevent this from happening?

Hi, welcome to the forums!
With my my other desktop I dual-booted for a while until I nuked windows.
Every time windows updated it would screw up my boot process.
As far as a fix? Other than the obvious remove windows (If windows update is indeed the problem), I'm not actually sure. Someone with a deeper knowledge will have to pipe up.

This might also be helpful. I haven't read the whole thing but there might be some answers in there.


Some HW do that. It's a vendor policy, not a software issue.
I suggest you try creating another (FAT) partition to use as $esp for Manjaro.


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