Manjaro hangs

After changing a setting in Chromium (to use the manjaro's parameters to change its theme)
Manjaro became sluggish, later lame, later frozen.
I reverted that setting in Chromium but after that trigger nothing was anymore like before
All had stated with me misunderstand and uninstalling gnome shell, which deleted over 30 packages. I restored them from the repos, and didn't think anymore about.

Anyway after changing one setting in Chromium all this hell began, from one second to the other. Can't do anything right now, just hearing my computer hanging and calculating
whatever useless stuff
I restated my computer several times just to have a way to change the kernel and finish this absurd situation.
Get an error, can't do it.

I need technical help, else I can give up all and go back and erase the disk.
I spent a month now to get back my work environment which I need to work and was learning a ton of nice stuff on the way.

So was all for nothing? Can't believe it. How I hate this situation.

Hate to say it, but you need to learn how to use Timeshift and start performing backups.



Never change a running system :wink:

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I had configured time shift from beginning but I've seen also that the app hasn't performed backups in the background as expected.

Why then not make a cron-job, backintime, borg backup?

Not "Manjaro hangs" :slight_smile: your settings hangs the system :wink:

Because I don't know how to do that. I thought timeshift can do that.
But instead to turn in circle for backups - what else can I do?

A key to start in verbose mode with grub?
That's the only way I see

There is a day in pretty much every country worldwide that is considered a day of rest. That's the day you push the "Back Up Now" button. Failure to do so may and can cause a rift in the time space continuum. :hugs:


I'm not up for jokes right now. Doesn't help me in this very moment sorry

I had changed my kernel yesterday in the hope this would update/repair my system but it seems not.
What are the options I have?

Use live manjaro-usb/stick, mhwd-chroot or manjaro-chroot , make new user try - boot, in chroot save your needed data, then start with fresh installation, and think about backup strategies. They are many ways to fix - ....

Provide info and reports about your technical issues, if you want to solve them.
Or you are just going to get "jokes" for answers.
Manjaro hangs. Really? Is this a description?
Journal messages.
Packages removed
packages installed (pacman.log)
etc. :man_shrugging:


Sorry but I'm new here. I'm asking for some steps to see what I can do.
As said maybe I can run some diagnose tests from grub command line.
Just for that i need some info

I managed to boot from a interface where I could choose between the installed kernels, now I selected the first one I had (fallback)
The login screen doesn't hang. Let's see the next step.
If everything is OK I'll need to make a backup with timeshift.

Not for hanging troubleshooting.

In the waiting, have a look at a few tutorials on troubleshooting and providing info.
The difference on the fallback kernel is it loads all modules, instead of skipping some (what the standard kernel does).
Without logs with error messages, no way to guess the problem well.

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There! This output good enough for ya, @SGS? Huh? Huh?



You guys are too much. No wonder we need Jonathon for us unruly stinky goats. :joy: Poor Johan.
@Johan, ignore us.
Just get a way to save your important files. A simple way is just to use a livecd (no need secure boot :laughing:) and from there copy these files to an external storage, Then reinstall the OS. You've done too much things in gnome (not forgiving). Chromium is easier to fix but it is your OS that is messed up.
Just reinstall. And welcome to manjaro. We're not bad people, just fun guys. You'll like us - if you can get past our 'fun' part.


I'm sure some of you have had bad experiences with your Os, maybe more than one time

For sure good words aren't wasted (thanks a lot guys) but I really need no cliche like jokes for introduction as if we were on a military camp :stuck_out_tongue:

This stuff hurts but there are more important things in everyday life. Thanks again :smiley:

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I saw that too, I thought it was something I had done wrong

Back to the initial topic.

What exactly(!) did you do?
What exactly do you mean by "sluggish? Which processes are consuming CPU time?
Which DE do you use?

You need to share a lot more useful information.


Start by reading through all of @SGS post #13 above. Then provide at least the following:

output from
inxi -Fxxxz

Also since you are running gnome a good first step in troubleshooting is going to be to go into Tweaks apps, the go to the extensions tab on the left and then go through and turn off all the extensions (might want to note which ones are turned on first).

Then reboot your system and see if it becomes stable again. If it does become stable (I know on my system I had issues with gnome randomly freezing until I removed most of the extensions then it became stable).

If your system runs stable without any extensions running then you can go back in and turn them on, one at a time, using your computer for awhile between each one to find which ones work for you. You may also find you don't need some of them in which case anything you don't actively use just leave those off or even remove them from your system.


OT on

Need more color :smiley: :wink:



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