Manjaro Hardware on website, by accident?

I cannot find Manjaro Bladebook and Manjaro Spitfire products when surfing, but I can find the pages for both laptops using a search engine.
If those projects are inactive the pages should be unavailable anyway, if they're still active users should be able to reach those pages without a search engine.

The projects are no longer active.

I ran the Bladebook project - no more of those
For the StationX project - their web is gone and so is the shop.

Search engines is hard to control - sometimes it is not enough to remove the page from the menu @codesardine @philm - it has to be removed from index and sitemap as well.

For the StationX project - their web is gone and so is the shop.

Wow, that was fast!

You can still buy the Spitfire from Belgium ...

I bought a Spitfire some while ago and for various reasons I then had no particular need for a laptop. I've just dug it out and booted it. Given the time since it was last used I kicked off an update which went horribly wrong and left me in the "TS Starting" loop when it rebooted. I recall when I was using it there was talk of machine specific optimization and special Manjaro repositories. I was wondering if the absence of these could have caused the problems. I had a Mint installer on a USB stick so I stuck that on alongside the Manjaro and it booted fine, confirming there are no hardware issues.

It had been my original plan to switch to Manjaro from Mint in order to take advantage of the Manjaro/Spitfire colaboration but if that is dead there seems little advantage in moving from the distro I am most familiar with. There was a suggestion in another thread here that the reason for non-availability of new Spitfires everywhere except Belgium was a stock issue but the complete disappearance of StationX from the web makes me think it is more serious than that, which is a shame.

So, does anyone know if the original Spitfire Manjaro OEM install is still available anywhere and if the intended machine specific tweaks are still supported, if they ever were? If the tweaks are still in the repositories I can probably repair the Manjaro boot partition working from the Mint boot but otherwise I have the option of a vanilla Manjaro install or going with Mint. Given my significantly greater familiarity with Mint the decision sort of makes itself.

It should be available, I'll help you with the search. Edit: No, the files are gone

However I think you will be more lucky with any current Manjaro ISO. You don't need the Spitfire specific tweaks to repair the damaged update.

I am using a Clevo N141WU and Spitfire is a Clevo N141xx so a default Manjaro ISO work perfect.

You can install packages designed for the system by searching the repo for sx packages.

I have an up-to-date ISO - or you can build it on a Manjaro system using Manjaro Tools.

When I am done you can get it at

@eugen-b @linux-aarhus Thanks for the prompt replies, guys. Now I have a nice little project to take my mind off all the nonsense on TV after Xmas! :grinning:

Send us an email so we may give you the current link of the ISO. We will check again with Eddie about Station-X.

Email sent. Thanks

Will check with StationX on how we handle it.

Not really a Manjaro issue but this is the only place I've found any sensible discussion of the Majaro Spitfire so I'll presume to ask a somewhat irrelevant (to Manjaro) question .

My spitfire will not charge. Is the battery replacable? If I can't find any info I suppose I will just have to start dismantling the thing as it is of no real use as it is now.

Thanks in advance

Please send me an email regarding that matter and I check with Station-X what can be done.

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