Manjaro i3 17.0 (Alpha 1)

The 17.0 Alpha 1 build of manjaro-i3 is ready for download and testing.
Latest development on the syslinux boot screen, calamares and namely manjaro-hello are included.

Thanks to @huluti's great and competent effort manjaro-hello v0.4 now manages to 'translate' the settings of its autostart switch also for this environment.



Btw. Please join the team for still missing translations for manjaro-hello!
Currently we have French, German, Polish and Russian available.
Where are the Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Finnish, Icelandic, Spanish, Urdu... ... speaking people here? It's not a big deal of work of everyone, just a few lines and not complicated, either.
For more just visit the designated thread or contact the author!


How to join the team and translate? Would like to help but don't know how.

I would help with the spanish translation but I can't find manjaro-hello in Transifex.

We are working on transifex integration, but it's not yet available. Meanwhile the translation is happening in @huluti's github repo
Ideally you fork the repo and send a pull request with your translation. Or you just somehow make your translation file (.po) available.
You simply take the template and wherever you see msgstr "" you fill in your translation of the given text string from the preceeding msgid line.

I now have a text file with a translation in Dutch. What's next? How do you get it and in which format do you need it?

Why do these things always have to be so complicated. I bet you would get much more help if it was easier to help. I mean the translation is not the problem, it is the way to get the texts and to return them. That's where people stop.

Just paste me what you have into a pm and I'll integrate that! Thank you :slight_smile:

transifex platform is crap. Can't proceed with Chinese (zh_CN) request etc. I took a look at the GitHub repo and it's indeed tiny workload but unfortunately, I got stuck at transifex. I would like to PR over GitHub and someone who has better luck with transifex can take it over...?

edit: PR sent


@nilbot I've accepted your language request. We don't accept PR anymore. Can you retry please?

Is there a chance you will put another installer (CLI) with Calamares , I use raid and Calamares doesn't have a raid option in it. I have to use the older release. Not that I care to much ... just be nice to install a fresh bright and shiny new one !!

The old cli-installer is decrepeted and doesn't work anymore on newer releases. I'm working on the new unofficial cli-installer, but it is not yet complete and I'm not sure if it even has options for raid (unless you do the mounting manually, which should work). The new cli-installer is unlikely to be be ready enough in time for this release.

Anyway, your best bet is still using the old install media. Or try the beta version of manjaro-architect...


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