Manjaro i3 black screen dual boot Win 10

I have a Windows 10-Manjaro XFCE for 5 months. Everything is working well. Recently I tried some other distro so I wiped out the Manjaro partitions.
They all encounter the blackscreen problems. Now I went back to Manjaro i3 and still got the problem.

The installation of Manjaro or any other Linux distro went well. Grub menu shows up to select OS. Selecting Manjaro boots into the system well. Updating packages in Manjaro and then reboot also goes without any problems.

However, the moment I boot into Windows 10, which boots fine, and then restart to boot into Manjaro: we have problems. To be clear: the grub menu OS selection shows up fine, but choosing Manjaro always boots into a black screen.

Recently I had a Windows 10 update. Does this problem occur to anyone? I am trying to test again with an older Manjaro i3: version 18, and also create a Windows recovery USB (just in case I single boot Manjaro and the problem is still there).

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