Manjaro i3 Live USB Shutdown during Boot

Hello Manjaro community,

I've been using Ubuntu Gnome for the last 2 years or so. I recently ordered a new SSD for my laptop, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to change distributions, and I decided I'd give the Manjaro i3 community release a shot.

I won't have my new SSD until Tuesday, but I decided to go ahead and create a Manjaro live USB and play around with it on my current hard drive before I install it with the same USB on the new hard drive.

I have a Dell XPS 9560. It's currently dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu 19.10. Secure Boot is disabled and storage is set to AHCI.

To attempt to boot the live USB, I hit F12 at startup, and then I choose the USB. I see Manjaro-related messages streaming down the screen until I get an array of "unmount: can't unmount" messages followed by a Power Down message. My computer then turns off. I'm unable to get beyond this point.

I've found this thread in the forum that seems to be the same issue, but the solution to the problem in this thread is to change boot options. I know how to do this from my grub menu, as I've had to change some boot options for my Ubuntu install in the past, but I'm unsure how to do this for a Manjaro Live USB as I don't boot it from the grub menu.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this live USB to boot?

Thanks in advance!

The manjaro image is still booting grub - in fact its booting its own grub instead of whatever you have on the machine. If you dont see it, try Shift or Esc (during boot of course)

Thanks for the quick response, cscs.

I've tried Shift, Esc, and a few other buttons after I select to boot from USB, but before the Manjaro text starts streaming down the screen, but it does not present me with a grub menu or anything. It doesn't seem to recognize any keypresses.

One thing I did notice this time around, is that I get a very quick flash of a Manjaro menu (maybe this is the grub menu?) just before the boot process resumes, but I'm unable to select anything before it proceeds.

Here is a video of the situation:

Yep. That flash [at roughly 0:11] is the grub menu. I am not sure why it is not responsive and lightning..

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