Manjaro I3 Toolbox scritps

Hi, I recently tested manjaro I3 Version; I find really interesting tools in it and it was my door into Vanilla Arch.
What i like to ask is where are the fzf scripts use in the toolbox menu?
Like the one use for fonts or for navigating installed packeges etc

You can see everything here

I have no idea what you mean by everything; maybe you could point to where those scripts actually are?

Everithing related with i3 by Manjaro, and what is specially installed for it.
There are all PKGBUILD and if you know exactly how is called what you look for, then you can see from the PKDBUILD where the source is.
By default Manaro i3 uses:
All those are packages, but if you prefer the source, there it is.

Once you install fzf package with the source here
then you have all the command line fuzzy finder you need.

To do what exactly? Install fonts, preview fonts, edit fonts ... ? Are you sure is a script?

If you refer to pacui CLI then install just that package. source here

If you refer to the UI to see the packages, then is Pamac aka pamac-gtk ...

I tied to be as clear as possible to what i understood from your request for help, but would you also care to be more specific? All this you could do by yourself, especially if you are ready to move to Arch.

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