Manjaro Image for installation on Laptop E6412T

Hi Guys, even I already managed to install Manjaro on a Dell Laptop, I struggle with another Laptop E6412T from Medion.
First of all I tried to use Manjaro 17.1.12 Gnome version.
The installation itself went through without huge trouble, but when booting the Laptop it's wired how the boot process is working.
Also I had trouble with the Gnome 17.0 vs. Gnome 18.0.

Is 17.1.12 the newest version I can install or are there some newer versions? Where do I find them.
Secondly, what kind of install process do I use UEFI or Non UEFI boot.

Please help me but don't explain it to complicated for me, I still feel new around the Manjaro setup.

best regards

If your system supports UEFI, you can use UEFI with Manjaro.

We need to have this part explained though.
How is it wired?
HOw far do you get in the boot process after the install?
What's the hardware (inxi -Fxz output)?

17.1.12 is the newest stable version.

There are preview versions but they are not stable

Hi Guys,
well I do have the AMI Bios on that Laptop. When I change to UEFI boot I get now the message.
Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup. Does that mean I can't go with UEFI ?

I can see under Boot Options

Boot option 1 is my SSD
Boot option 2 UEFI IP6 Realtek PCIE GBE Family Controller
Boot option 3 UEFI IP4

Can I deactivate Boot option 2 and 3?

You may have a Medion branded Lenovo machine.
See this and do all the steps including [Additional UEFI commands].
Before rebooting, write down what's the output of "efibootmgr".

If you reboot and still cannot boot to manjaro, see that link again and in the [Difficult UEFI setup], there is another link to Lenovo. Note and tell us if after reboot (maybe the hard way) if 'efibootmgr' has lost the 'manjaro' entry.

Good luck.

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It does mean you have to deactivate Secure Boot in BIOS.

And it is a simple non-dangerous action - despite the name.

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