Manjaro install desktop--what is it?

Just settling in with Manjaro and can't seem to find an answer to a few questions.

When I was installing Manjaro xfce, the live usb installer desktop seemed quite nice. It had a Manjaro Start menu in the lower left that activated when I used a control key (windows I think) and allowed me to search for software. Once I installed and started my new Manjaro xfce, the desktop looks completely different. There's no Manjaro Start menu in the lower left but an Applications menu (with a mouse) in the upper left. Just looking through the alternative Manjaro desktops on your download page doesn't seem to show any desktop that's like the installation one. What am I missing here? Some theme?

I've read that there are three kinds of repositories for Manjaro: unstable, testing, and stable. Is there somewhere I can see which of these my system is using and / or set them?

Thunar is nice, but I think I'm really going to miss split view and ability to open a terminal that starts at the current directory (Dolphin). Am a bit worried that Dolphin, however, is slow and may be causing crashes. Any suggestions on an alternative that at least has split view (Caja? other?)?


Show us a screenshot.
Thunar belongs to XFCE4 dolphin is KDE file manager you can use it under XFCE4 however you will likely mess the theming due to qt vs gtk programs.

Hi VoDo: Here's a shot of my current screen. I've made modifications. The panel on the left side used to be an application opening only panel at the bottom of my screen and bigger. Mostly the panel at the top is the same (added whiskers menu and created more workspaces). This is entirely different than what I was seeing in the installer, which had one panel, at the bottom with a Manjaro Start button there that could be accessed from the keyboard.


Yeah it looks like vanilla XFCE4 not Manjaro XFCE4, try to create a new user if you have all the Manjaro setting packages it should have Manjaro XFCE4 look.

I've read that there are three kinds of repositories for Manjaro: unstable, testing, and stable. Is there somewhere I can see which of these my system is using and / or set them?

Open a terminal and run:

pacman-mirrors --get-branch

to see your current branch.

For switching branches:

Though I suggest you to stay on Stable while you are setlling in with Manjaro and later when you feel confident to resolve the issues that may arise, you could switch to Testing or Unstable.

You shouldn't care, it's just like when you visit a new house : you won't use the real estate salesman plan : it's once settled that you decide where you put your chairs.
I a hotel (like W$) you cannot and it's a pity (or a horror).

Here my "settlement".

I want to use full screen :

I want my admin stuff on a minimal panel :

& I want to manage my most used software on a dock :

I need about 2 minutes to set this up and it saves me hours later on.

Would I use the "showroom" organization, it would be a real pain in the *** !

Thanks Marte: I see I have stable, which is what I wanted. My goal is a working system with minimal disruptions, so I probably won't be messing w/ the other repositories. Good to know they exist though.

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Thanks nam1962--that's a nice setup!

When you say "Dock" do you mean a panel with a bunch of launchers added? Just wondering if that's the way that's done.

I imagine that when you press the windows key, your Manjaro Start menu opens? It didn't on mine. And I've since learned that the problem was that I was using a Kubuntu home directory from a dual install and many configuration files from Manjaro had not been copied over to the directory. It was quite a mess. I've developed a fix (see next email), but it involved going back to original Manjaro. Still seeing your configuration is helpful.

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Hi VoDo: Yup, everything worked fine when I created a new user.

I figured out what went wrong. I intended this to be a dual boot system with a pre-existing ubuntu w/ kde-desktop 18.04 and Manjaro on a separate root partition. I also gave Manjaro setup my ubuntu /home directory to set up on. And I gave Manjaro a user name that turns out to also be a symlink in /home to my ubuntu user home directory. So Manjaro tried to set up on top of that user directory but didn't overwrite any number of .config files with its own. That's why I got plain vanilla xfce.

My solution, and I'm not sure it's ideal, was to erase the plain xfce user above, create a new user with the same uid and gid as my ubuntu installation gives its user so I could read/write files in that user directory, and the fstab bind mounts to the folders in the ubuntu user directory into my xfce user directory. This way xfce gets to set up its own .config files, I get standard Manjaro desktop, and the xfce user gets access to the ubuntu user files.

Thanks for your help!

Yeah remember Linux rarely overwrites users data, all the settings what users does is in /home/NAME as dot files and folders, mostly in .config. If you want to play with other DE, just backup existing dot files and folders, when you break it just delete the broken and restore the previous I do it time to time, it works. No need to delete users, however I do not have any experience to mix distros with one /home user.

Thank you for praizes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No Plank is not a panel but a dock (Apple mac way) You just slide the wanted app on it.

Yes, when I press the super key, Whiskers opens (Thank you for that, I didn't know it existed).
The fact is that mixing DE is always a killer : you have to make a clean install to be... clean ! :smiley:

Plank looks really useful, thanks!

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Thanks VoDo! Good idea to keep a copy, esp. if I'm messing w/ multiple desktops & OSes.

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