Manjaro just not working on my RX 5700 flashed to 5700 XT

Thanks, I'll take a look tomorrow

I guess I could try that, but I'm not sure if that's worth the hassle and risk

Updated title from Manjaro just not working on my RX 5700 to Manjaro just not working on my RX 5700 flashed to 5700 XT for clarification and search results

It's a game of eliminating potential sources for your problem.

If you did not test the card with stock bios before flashing it, you skipped a step in building up your evidence, you did not establish a baseline. Going back on stuff later on always is more trouble and more risky, which is something I have to tell clients every time they want to skip user testing/validation of supposedly fantastic ideas.

It's up to you if you want to take the time and risk, but seeking solutions without testing the bios may prove fruitless. On the other hand, there are certainly software/OS tweaks you can explore before reflashing your card, like for example adding nomodeset to grub with the RX480 installed, powering down, swapping the cards and rebooting as suggested above.

You're totally correct and I should've tested it, but I didn't think it would be and issue quite honestly. In theory the system should just see the card as an XT.
I can still access grub though with the new card, so I should be able to set nomodeset with that installed, right?

If you can still access grub, then yes, you can press "e" during the grub menu (if the grub menu is not showing, hold shift while booting) and you can add nomodeset as boot parameter to the kernel. See:

I could not find splash in the parameters, so I added nomodeset after quiet (see picture), but that did nothing and after rebooting to grub it was gone. Is that supposed to happen or does it not safe correctly?20200710_135127

This was with the RX5700 card installed?

Adding a kernel boot parameter through editing grub is a oneshot thing and is not saved permanently. So you add this parameter only for the current boot. Check the Arch wiki how to make boot parameters permanent.

What happens if you add "3" (without the quote marks) to that same line instead of nomodeset? You should boot to the shell, so Manjaro will not try to load a graphical user interface, but it will try to load all drivers and everything else.

I already tried that, but that didn't do anything either. Unless I put it in the wrong spot. I put it at the end after priority=3

At the start of the linux line. Hit End on keyboard. Then add kernel parameters.

You might want to remove quite. And splash... Not sure if that the right name. Idea is to see want kind of error your having at boot.

Good one, didn't even think about that! I'll try that tomorrow

Removed quiet, it hangs after save/load random seed20200711_203001

Try disabling IOMMU in your BIOS; this worked for me but it's not ideal as I need IOMMU for Windows GPU passthrough.

I'll take a look, where should this option be located?

Edit: Dude what the hell, I found the option, disabled it and Manjaro booted straight away!

Yeah, it's F'd up. I've had nothing but trouble with my 5700 series and Linux -- still problems with waking up from sleep with IOMMU enabled, so it's dead in the water for me for any sort of attempt at GPU passthrough. Seriously thinking of ditching it for Nvidia, and the only thing staying my hand is the imminent GPU refresh.

If you continue to have problems try some other kernels too. LTS 5.4 seems to be the most stable for me -- but only with IOMMU disabled.

Weird. My son's PC has been running with the RX5700XT and IOMMU enabled just fine. I wonder what combinations of videocard, CPU, chipset and/or bios trigger this.

I don't need to use gpu passthrough, so that's not an issue luckily. Running 5.7.9 kernel right now and no issues so far, although I haven't tested anything 3D yet

I use a R7 1700 with an X370 chipset, MSI RX 5700 mech gp oc, I've tried multiple bioses and none worked with iommu enabled

@muvvenby Ryzen + 5700 + IOMMU will fail to wake from suspend. I'm hoping someone will prove me wrong, as it will save me the trouble of getting rid of the card. For my use case, I can't use 5700 as guest GPU because of FLR reset bug, and I can't use it as host GPU because I can't suspend/wake.

Bit slow to respond due to the holidays :slight_smile:

I'm sorry I can't help check this as I don't have any Ryzen-systems. Fwiw: no issues with Intel i7-3770 on a B75 motherboard.

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