Manjaro-KDE 19.0-pre3 (stable branch)

I am happy to announce our 3rd preview build of the upcoming Manjaro-KDE 19.0 Kyria release.
This is the first full build on stable branch.



The 19.0 edition comes with Manjaro's new breath2 themes, including

  • icon-theme
  • three new konsole colorschemes and two yakuake skin
  • plasma5-themes (complete with dark themes and custom analog clock)
  • splash animation
  • sddm-theme and
  • wallpaper

Please NOTE that some blurring effects are unfortunately not working in virtualbox right now.

Additionally we've added 'Visual Studio' schemas for kate:
EDIT: It turns out that font colors in the 'Visual Studio' themes were off. This will be fixed in the next build. For now, you can replace your ~/.confg/kateschemarc with this content


As an alternative to the traditional 'Kickoff' Application Launcher we now also include plasma-simplemenu pre-installed.


The panel clock now also displays the date by default and redshift-applet has been added, for you to easier calm down at night by filtering out blue light... :sunglasses:

Thank you as always for your feedback and contributions!

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It works if you manually re-enable blur in settings btw :wink:


How is this going to impact pre2? I ask cause I haven't seen an update announce for adding the updates to or updating pre2 to pre3. Thanks

if you installed it and are current with updates, you already have this Whacker. Manjaro is a rolling distribution so doesn't require specific upgrade instructions.

sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip -aB stable
sudo pacman -Syu

Don't use the -aB stable if you want to remain on testing branch.


I like to use
sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip
so I do not need to get my country right
sudo pacman -Syyu
After changing mirrors (or branches)



Will Manjaro now ship any kernel by default on their ISO images, whether it is LTS kernel or not? Or it is just a thing for preview images?

Doesn't KDE have that built in now?

Even supports a fully automatic mode with automatic location updates:


We will ship with 5.5 as 5.4 has too many issues. For example Intel graphics have a bad RC0 hàng.


It has, and 5.18 Plasma will also include toggle widget, as with Plasma implementation on 5.17 you're not able to turn it off easly without going into settings.

Why is a toggle widget necessary? Doesn't it automatically enable/disable itself?

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To (quickly) enable/disable regardless of automation: manually disable when it's automatically engaged for example.

sorry, but after the commands you have indicated, it is not necessary to modify also pacman.conf to modify the branch you want to follow?

perhaps it's not necessary on this occasion, but with the downgrade usually in the guides it is suggested to give: sudo pacman -Syyuu

thank you

Yes, it is not necessary to modify the pacman config file. The pacman-mirrors command does the switching for you. Pacman doesn't even know of anything called "branches" at all, it's handled thru mirrors:

Yes, that's the right call here, especially because you would be switching to an older branch.

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Great work!

When is (roughly ) final release of Manjaro-KDE-19.0 expected?

Hm, interesting. :thinking:

sorry, in the previous message I meant modify pacman-mirrors.conf and not pacman.conf

thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Yeah, it's just some optimization assumption that KDE first launch makes (somewhat adequate, because it's more laggy compared to no blur)

right. so redshift will be redundant in that case. Thanks for pointing that out.


Asking because it interests me:

Do you like "Single-click to open files and folders" as the default (current default)?

  • Yes!
  • I don't care
  • No, double click to open is better.

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