Manjaro-KDE 19.0-pre4 (stable branch)

I am happy to announce our 4rd preview build of the upcoming Manjaro-KDE 19.0 Kyria release.
This is a full build on stable branch and uses kernel linux55.
Some more tweaking of details and ironing out of minor issues were made possible thanks to your great feedback and suggestions :+1:



The 19.0 edition comes with Manjaro's new breath2 themes, including

  • icon-theme
  • three new konsole colorschemes and two yakuake skins
  • plasma5-themes (complete with dark themes and custom analog clock)
  • splash animation
  • sddm-theme and
  • wallpaper

Additionally we've added 'Visual Studio' schemas for kate


As an alternative to the traditional 'Kickoff' Application Launcher we now also include plasma-simplemenu pre-installed.


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Very nice, wondering since my roommates is on pre3 is he going to get these updates today?

The konsole colorscheme updates will arrive with package updates.
Apart from that I have adopted @screwtape's suggestion to enable native file dialogs for firefox. This will arrive with settings-package update and be effective after next reboot.
What an existing user will NOT automatically receive is the new content of ~/.config/katesyntaxhighlightingrc.
After updating manjaro-kde-settings-19.0 you can copy it to the home directory from /etc/skel/.config


seeding the torrent now


Just out of curiosity, is there a fixed number of "pre" version to be released before final and official 19.0 release?

not at all, there's no set schedule as such, it will be released when everyone involved is happy it is ready

That's right. There is no fixed number of pres and rcs. But looks like this time pre4 is the last one before rc :wink:

so just copy the contents of /etc/skel/.config to /home/katesyntaxhighlightingrc

not quite, copy and paste the single file name matched file from the skel directly over this /home/.config/katesyntaxhighlightingrc

I have manjaro-kde-settings installed. Should I replace it with manjaro-kde-settings-19.0? I don't remember seeing any guidance regarding this.

EDIT: Nevermind, manjaro-kde-settings-19.0 replaces manjaro-kde-settings-dev which will of course eventually migrate over to and replace manjaro-kde-settings at which point all will be explained in post #2 of a future stable update announcement. A bit of patience is in order. :crazy_face:

The new manjaro-kde-settings-19.0 replaces manjaro-kde-settings-dev (automatically) but it will not replace the old manjaro-kde-settings package, because with the way it is designed now, by installing global config in /etc/xdg it will effect existing users, and not everybody with older installs wants that.
So if you want the latest config and you didn't install a preview, then you need to install manjaro-kde-settings-19.0 manually... :roll_eyes:


A couple of years later we will end up with a number of additional packages like manjaro-kde-settings-19.1, manjaro-kde-settings-20.0, manjaro-kde-settings-20.1?

Also want to ask you: what's the first file for?

$ find /etc/skel -name 'touchpad*'

$ pacman -Qo /etc/skel/touchpadxlibinputrc
/etc/skel/touchpadxlibinputrc is owned by manjaro-kde-settings-19.0 20200130-1
$ pacman -Qo /etc/skel/.config/touchpadxlibinputrc
/etc/skel/.config/touchpadxlibinputrc is owned by manjaro-kde-settings-19.0 20200130-1

I assume it was put there by a mistake. Their contents slightly differ:

[SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad]


[SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad]

Also, regarding /etc/xdg/plasma-workspace/env/
It doesn't make my Firefox use KDE dialog windows, still GTK, even if I make that "sh" file executable. The only thing that works for me is still exporting the variable via ~/.xprofile. Maybe it's better to use another way for setting GTK_USE_PORTAL=1, even if that would be some skeleton file? Current users could be told to source it in order to update their config.

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That is my confusion too. As an end user on the Stable branch, it was always my assumption and expectation that all the latest KDE settings will eventually end up as manjaro-kde-settings, once deemed ready for deployment to the masses.

manjaro-kde-settings-19.0 (and future version numbers) are serving the same function as manjaro-kde-settings-dev, as the development area where the bugs are worked out before being moved to manjaro-kde-settings.

It's also not clear to me when files from from /etc/skel should be copied to somewhere in the Home directory, if and when this is needed for my years old install to have all the latest settings of a new installation.

I for one am not getting the need for the Manjaro-KDE-Settings at all when they're just copied from the KDE system settings.

You mean you have compared them and found lots of files with identical contents? I've never done this myself, and that is an interesting finding, if it's true.

That's not even remotely what I said. What I think is the Manjaro-KDE-settings panel is just shortcuts to the same locations as the shortcuts in the KDE system settings.

You're mixing up the program "Manjaro Settings" on KDE and the manjaro-kde-settings package. That's causing this confusion.


@anon58573219 manjaro-settings-kde applies a default desktop environment configuration on initial setup or if you create a new user account, it is not a new control panel.

not recommended, instead apply the changes you want yourself via KDE System Settings, Konsole menus. The reason being, if you copy the contents of skel over your existing /home/.config you will lose any personalisation and layout tweaks (extra panels or a dock etc.) you have already made.

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I made this comment in reference to @oberon statement above:

otherwise, I always prefer to make changes via the KDE System Settings GUI. I'm nervous about copying files from one directory to another unless given specific instructions to reach a desired outcome. I don't want to break anything that I may have trouble unwinding. I am really enjoying my wonderfully stable system! :smile:

Just copy the specific kate file and you won't break anything

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