Manjaro-KDE 19.0-rc1

This is the first release-candidate for Manjaro-KDE 19.0 Kyria.
Thanks to your continued testing and feedback we were able to iron out a few more details and are now gettings close to finalizing this snapshot release, which I think will come out really nicely polished and elegant looking. :sunglasses:



The most obvious addition for the 19.0 edition are @bogdancovaciu 's new breath2 themes, including

  • icon-theme
  • plasma5-themes (complete with dark themes and custom analog clock)
  • splash animation
  • sddm-theme and
  • wallpaper

Additionally we have added matching skins for yakuake, color schemes for konsole thanks to @antikythera - and also editor kate received some additional colour schemas.


As an alternative to the traditional 'Kickoff' Application Launcher we now also provide plasma-simplemenu pre-installed and ready to use.


The default kernel is latest LTS linux54.

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Known Issues:

  • missing icon for plasma print-manager has already been fixed in updated breath2-icon-themes 1.0.5
  • multiple menu entries for printer utilities will be stripped down for final release


To adopt the new default look on existing installs please replace manjaro-kde-settings with manjaro-kde-settings-19.0 and after re-logging switch to global theme breath2 in Plasma System Settings.


Looks very good as usual. Now go also post it on Twitter :slight_smile:

May go to Linux as daily driver.

Windows is a nightmare nowadays, at least for me. Broke on me 2 times within one month and apparently u can now only remove the updates that were installed last time windows update was run....

Manjaro just runs well not perfect race winner but far better than any windows install.

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This looks sexy as hell, I wish Gnome had this Blur :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!
Help me please - how to update to new Manjaro and KDE? Yes, I'm noob))

Hello there!

This is a release candidate ISO, in other words this is for people who are wanting to install Manjaro now.

If you already have Manjaro installed you have nothing to worry about, you can always run sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu to make sure you are fully up to date, and you can keep an eye on the stable channel to see when a major update comes out


Will these eventually replace the current defaults? That is if we wait, do we get the new default look and theme by replacing the packages (in that case users do nothing), or adding them (in that case, users have to adjust their settings).

Existing users have to alter appearance settings themselves. Nothing is being forced on anyone, if it were you can probably imagine the :poop: that would be posted on here and social media about it.

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Might want to quantify your comment by adding "and they would have every right to created a ■■■■ storm if we changed their custom look and feel.".

So does this not include KDE plasma 5.18.0? System shows I have 5.17.5 installed.

Not familiar about popularity of a site, but anyway

Manjaro in the most beautiful Linux distro list.

No. 5.18 is not stable enough, yet. There are currently a lot of open bug reports.

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upstream bugs?

Yes. We will wait for some reviewed plasma package updates before forwarding 5.18 to stable branch.
I you like to try the latest, you can always switch to testing branch of course.

ah no, i don't have obsession for latest packages, just ask

I recommend It's Foss and other foss sites, great resources.

Seems to be some on the AYR end cause I've seen ones with Neon and Kubuntu that are not having these issues with 5.18.

I have now tweaked manjaro-printer package to hide redundant menu entries for cups and system-config-printer in both KDE and GNOME while native printer utilities are installed. Seems to do its job fine :nerd_face:


Currently uploading an rc2 ISO...

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Good to know, thank you!

rc2 is ready:

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