Manjaro-KDE 19.0-rc2

Here comes release-candidate rc2 for Manjaro-KDE 19.0 Kyria.



The most obvious addition for the 19.0 edition are @bogdancovaciu's new Breath2 themes, including

  • icon-theme
  • plasma5-themes (complete with dark themes and custom analog clock)
  • splash animation
  • sddm-theme and
  • wallpaper

Additionally we have added matching skins for Yakuake, color schemes for Konsole thanks to @antikythera, and also editor Kate received some additional colour schemas.


As an alternative to the traditional 'Kickoff' Application Launcher we now also provide Plasma-Simplemenu pre-installed and ready to use.


The default kernel is latest LTS Linux54.

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Recent changes since rc1:

  • fixed missing icon for plasma configure-printer utility
  • manjaro-printer package now automatically hides redundant entries for printer utilities (system-config-printer and cups)
  • updated to calamares, now switching to partitionmanager/kpmcore 4 series
  • updated release notes in manjaro-hello

Thank you as always for your continued valuable feedback.
With these latest release-candidates it will be particularly helpful to collect information about your experience with real hardware installation, including all sorts of encryption and partitioning variations. So if you have that extra piece of hardware sitting in a corner ... please don't hesitate to experiment and try to break stuff as badly as you can! :crazy_face:


To adopt the new default look on existing installs please replace manjaro-kde-settings with manjaro-kde-settings-19.0 and after re-logging switch to global theme breath2 in Plasma System Settings.


Well done :slight_smile:

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Love the watch design. great work


Sorry for not expressing myself well, sometimes I forget to put small details :sweat_smile:
One question, is this not the correct category to post this type of "bug"? I thought it was :laughing:

I liked xD

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Always happy about Dark Theme, thank you guys. Everything is working like a charm.


Background context menu in application menu full black

It's transparent against a black background.

See second screenshot

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What are your theme settings?

Here is the default (Breath2):

and here with Breath2Dark:

Well in this case it doesn't fit here, because your issue only affects plasma 5.18, which will not be used in the 19.0 release, for which this release-candidate stands :wink:
We currently have another thread specifically discussing plasma 5.18 bugs. I have moved the posts there now, no problem! :blush:

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yes. but in this screenshot the context menu isn't black as in the other one and looks like it should!
I cannot reproduce your problem I'm afraid. Also it is not visible in your latest image.


launcher context menu for me isn't black, either ^^

See problem in youtube

this problem occurs when the menu is transparent

interesting. this seems to be an upstream bug however, because it happens also with all Breeze themes.

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After installing the application, it does not appear in the menu

try this: kbuildsycoca5 --noincremental it rebuilds the menu

Tanks. This work, but should this work automatically?

Just wanted to share some major struggle on high-dpi:

  • On Live everything is small as hell (x1 by default) so it's insanely hard to do anything or install, unless you manually change display settings for x2 or something else and log out - which is not most intuitive thing to do for new user.

  • After that it'll get better except anything Plasma related, meaning Panel will be still small as x1, RMB on desktop too etc...But at least somewhat usable

  • All the same points goes to Installed Manjaro KDE

I know that this is for the most part not your fault and looks like upstream still haven't care too much about that...
But i think:

  • On Manjaro side it would make a lot of sense at least to do some basic detection of high dpi and setting multiplier accordingly on Live and 1st launch.

  • Are there any known bugreports on upstream about Plasma not completely following multiplier settings like panel height / paddings etc etc? It looks like only text gets properly scaled on anything Plasma. Rest of DE seems to work nice.

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