Manjaro KDE freezes after "started tlp system startup / shutdown"

I have notebook hp pavilion g6, amd hd 6620g graphics card.
I installed manjaro kde 18.1 stable, at startup it freezes after "started tlp system startup / shotdown". I can exit with "ctlr + alt + f2", no problem.
I add in grub "nomodeset = 1 nouveau.modeset = 0, systemd.mask = mhwd-live.service", after that the download went on, but it freezes after "started simple desktop display".
At beginning (first row) it writes: „failed to start Load / save Screen backlight Brightness of backlight_video0.
How to solve? (sorry, my english is not good)
UPD: solved with


That's not an exit ─ that's a separate login session in a character-mode virtual console. :wink:

Anyway, I suspect your system might be low on entropy. See if the following helps. :arrow_down:

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