Manjaro KDE refuses to boot on an HP OMEN 15-ce0xx

I just moved from Ubuntu 18.10 and I'm kinda new to Manjaro and Arch overall.

Manjaro 18.0.3 Refuses to reboot with ACPI on. But when I booted manually to the terminal then typed startx manually the thing works. What's wrong and why can't it boot automatically to X and not freeze when I have ACPI on? Is it some wierd problem with SDDM or something? Help? I don't wanna turn off my PC manually everytime I shut it down and I'd like it to still be a laptop with the battery stuff thanks

Have you searched the forum about your model errors?
This model is a "difficult" hardware, look what others are using (kernel parameters, etc..).

I kinda tried. Still nope.
Also my kernel parameters are only acpi=off just to get the thing booting as I said earlier.
Even though adding a 3 in the kernel parameters and starting the X server manually works for some reason

Then you should look for your DM issues. You can make SDDM wait for graphical interface, setting in sddm conf snippet file

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