Manjaro KDE / XFCE x11vnc server not working until connect Monitor cable to Rasperry Pi 4

HI All,

I'm doing an Project in Rasperry Pi 4 and currently running Manjaro KDE.

Issue Description:

I have freshly downloaded & Installed Manjaro KDE plasma from Manjaro KDE 64 bit OS in Rasperry Pi 4.

Then I followed below article to setup x11vnc server in Manjaro KDE and done successfully remote from Windows laptop / iphone using RealVNC
viewer which is working fine.

[[Guide] How To Set Up X11VNC Server For Access To The Current Running Session]

I checked even which process is getting triggered when the startup scripts runs for x11vnc server in Manjaro htop tool by connecting a monitor.

Process :
/usr/lib/Xorg -nolisten tcp -auth /var/run/sddm/{36e85c3d-c00f-4d15-8511-218586ff1c6f} -background none -noreset -displayfd 18 -seat seat0 vt1

/usr/bin/x11vnc -nap -wait 50 -noxdamage -rfbauth /home/pi/.vnc/passwd -display :0 -nocursor -forever -o /home/pi/.vnc/x11vnc.log -bg

Now the problem comes here... when I finish x11vnc server intstallation in Manjaro KDE and tested from Windows & Iphone using VNC viewer
all worked good and when I disconnect HDMI cable and power adapter from Rasperry Pi 4 and I connect Rasperrry Pi 4 in another place where I don't have monitor.

I can able to get into ssh which is working fine but I couldn't get Rasperry Pi 4 Manjaro KDE remote desktop in RealVNC viewer and all od sudden I checked the process from htop don't see any xorg or x11vnc sessions and tried triggering the startup x11vnc.service from terminal but nothing work.

I don't see any issue in the configuration which is shared in the article and if I connect the Monitor back to the Rasperry Pi 4 via HDMI cable I could see the process for xorg and x11vnc.

so, It's look like some how Majaro KDE / XFCE OS is sensing or looking for Monitor cable to be connected to Rasperry Pi 4 device and then it triggers the xorg / x11vnc session.

It's not fair that having Rasperry Pi 4 to connect with Monitor always and it's not build for that and I switch to Manjaro because it's Arch64 bit OS and I really like it's rolling update.

but the real pain is when we don't have a properly working VNC server tool in Manjaro KDE / XFCE, whereas previous I run raspberrian OS which has build in RealVNC which works like a charm without a monitor.

This problem is pushing me to go back to debain distro from arch.

Please help me if you have any work around or fix it.

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