Manjaro Keeps Freezing

Ok, did all that. Still freezing at the pre-loading screen...

I'm having this problem too.

Are you now?? Well, glad to see I'm not alone at least. It doesn't matter which distro I try, the same exact thing happens. You wouldn't happen to be loading Manjaro on one drive and Windows on another, would you? Because I'm beginning to think that's why I'm having this issue...

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well you have never provided your system info please provide

inxi -Fxxxz

I used to use Manjaro. When I would open Firefox it always froze and I would always have to do a hard reboot. I just switched to Peppermint. It's lighter, faster, and just better (for me).

AMD Phenom II X6 3.2ghz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 2x Nividia 550ti SLI, GPU driver 391.35, Linux drive 500GB HDD, Windows drive 500GB HDD, Linux kernel 4.19

output of
inxi -Fxxxz

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Oh... Ok, I was wondering why you kept posting that lol. Here it is...IMG_20190503_225409838

I asked for your inxi output 9 days ago (so did many others). You have only just posted this information requested over a week ago. Many suggestions given to you were either ignored, or you provided no confirmation if you had tested the suggestions. I suggested you should install and test numerous other kernels 9 days ago, have you done that? If so which kernels did you install?

It is no wonder your issue has not been resolved.

Are you able to enter a GUI desktop session. If so, please stop posting your terminal output as a picture. If you cannot enter your desktop you can still post proper outputs from terminal commands via pastebin. Please stop posting outputs as picture as a picture is unable to be searched/copied/pasted.

How to post required specs/logs from the terminal:

First install pastebinit:

sudo pacman -S pastebinit

Then run the important trobleshooting commands below (and post the outputs):

inxi -FGxxxz | pastebinit
demesg | pastebinit 
journalctl -b0 -p4 | pastebinit
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit
grep -v  /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/*.conf | pastebinit

Please post the links returned from the pastebinit commands on the forum.

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first of all update your bios

you have wasted quite a lot of everyones time.
its 50th post and still nothing out of it.

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I'm sorry, I'm new at this whole Linux thing. I have tried everything you have suggested. And no, I cannot enter the GUI, thus the reason I was posting pics from my phone. I will endeavour to use the command you suggested to post outputs in the future. I am sorry for wasting everyone's time. And I tried updating my BIOS, wouldn't let me for some reason. I assumed it was because my MB is so old. I will try again tho

You may want to check instructions for SLI at Archwiki

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Have you done a full system update yet?

I posted how to install pastebinit on my last post. Very little will be accomplished on this thread if you do not start posting proper outputs for diagnostic purposes. I gave you five diagnostic commands to post and you again did not post them. I asked you to confirm which kernels you have tested. You did not list any kernels.

You have been totally uncooperative on this thread since its inception. This will be my last attempt to help on this thread until you start giving proper outputs/confirmations.

Update your system and have pacman output piped directly to a log, then uploaded to pastebin:

Install pastebinit:

sudo pacman -S pastebinit

Then run this command to update your system and afterwards upload the log to pastebin:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu | tee log && cat ~/log | pastebinit

Then post the link generated by pastebinit on the forum.

Any command you are asked to run needs to have the input and output uploaded to pastebin via the terminal command commands given earlier.

Please do as requested earlier and post all required logs. If you cannot post proper logs then I'm done trying to help you (and I suggest others do the same).

If your computer does not have a working internet connection you can use USB phone tethering for a temporary connection to upload logs.

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And how do I post the logs on here from the terminal? That's all I have access to right now. And I'm running kernel 4.19, I posted that a few times already. Again, I'm sorry that I'm frustrating people. I'm new at this and on multiple forums trying to learn all this. If I didn't post the information you requested it's not that I'm blowing anyone off. I don't have a lot of time to spend on my computer so I forget... When I get a chance I'll update the BIOS and everything else and report back

It is like talking to a wall with you. I have posted twice how to install pastebinit so that you can upload logs from the terminal. I have asked you several times to install and test alternate kernels. I did not ask you which kernel you were on. I asked you which kernels you had installed and tested.

I'm done here. I have a three strikes rule. If I have to ask 3 times for something to be done, it's just way past my frustration limit.

Good luck with your issue.

Can't do anything if I'm not at my computer. I'm on my phone writing this. Like I said, I'm sorry for any frustration I have caused, but I'm NEW at this, I have very little clue about the commands you give. I really do want to learn, that's why I ask so many questions. I get it tho, I'd be p***ed off to if I were in your shoes. Thank you for the help you have given, I mean it.

While waiting, spend some time reading some tutot

Thank you very much!

Well, it works. I've been loaded into Manjaro for the past 3 hours and it hasn't locked up. Like you said tbg, it was the BIOS. I just followed the link you gave, downloaded the ROM, pointed the ASUS Updater software to it in Windows and... Bob's yer uncle, it updated. I never updated in the past 8 years because I haven't needed to. Thank you again for all your help, everyone, I really do mean it. I've been a total pain in the a**, but you all have taught me a lot and I'm better for it now... Hopefully you won't hear from me for a while now...

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Glad you got it fixed up at last.

That was @librewish who posted the suggestion and link for the bios update, so I moved credit for the solution to his post.

I hope you continue to enjoy Manjaro.

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