Manjaro Live Environment Boot FAIL -- Intel KabyLake w/ hybrid Nvidia graphics

[UPDATE] - 6/9/2017 at 2:58PM

Currently able to boot the 17.0.2 pre-alpha with the following kernel boot options:

acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2009" modprobe.blacklist=nouveau

Courtesy of: Mikeew83

Just downloaded the Manjaro 17.0.1 Gnome edition (4.9 Kernel) and have been unable to boot to the live installer environment on 2 different Dell Precision 5520 (2017) Kaby Lake systems. The previous gen Skylake based 5510's work very well.

I can reach single user & multi user targets when specifying them as a kernel boot option and then "startx" from from there leads to OS / X11 / Kernel / Kernel command line information being printed to screen before the system hangs without ability to switch to an alternate TTY.

Otherwise if I boot without specifying a non-graphical target it hangs at "[OK] Reached target Graphical Interface"

BIOS is up-to-date [latest 1.3.3] and I am using the left side USB port to avoid issues with the "powershare" function (also disabled in BIOS)

So far I have tried various kernel line options [some very blindly tbh] including:
Various acpi_os!= flags also

Honestly my biggest question is, how do I get more verbose output to the screen immediately after it says "[OK] reached traphical target" ? What is the best strategy for continuing troubleshooting on this?

FYI: (started with i3 community edition but had same issue)


If you do a search on this site, You will find many answers to help you. This has been a common issue.

Thank you, I had to try searching again to get some relevant information. .

Actually I did make a kind of progress by finding the 17.0.2 pre-alpha release which actually does boot to a fancy boot-loader but cannot successfully boot the live OS there either.

The best lead I was able to find implicates lib32-mesa dependencies but I'm not sure where to go from that. I went to the lab and got a couple of other kabylake based laptops to boot but the 5520 is still giving me the runaround.

I don't have a lot of helpful advice but I don't think it is a kaby lake issue as I have done several installs on kaby lake hardware without issue.

I would take a spin through the bios and ensure that they didn't add anything that would stop linux from running properly turned on by default in the newest model.

Good thoughts. I'm right there with you as I've had it boot on a few other kaby lake models. As far as BIOS goes I'm extremely familiar with Dell BIOS' and have gone through this one reset to defaults & re-configured 3 times.

New development:

I tried the 17.0.2 i3 pre-alpha which resulted in a failure to boot.

Then I tried the 17.0.2 Gnome pre-alpha which is working well so far holds breath

Did you already try to boot with


I'm curious to test that in a bit.

I'm excited to announce I have the current "winning combo" for booting at least the installer.

acpi_osi=! And acpi_osi="Windows 2009" modprobe.blacklist=nouveau

Courtesy of:

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Guys, this is a beautiful experience. Time to install it on my main 5520 and settle in. Thanks to everyone!

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