manjaro-logs-helper introduction

Hi, manjaro-log-helper is a simple bash program with a GUI interface for creating and manage useful logs/information on the Manjaro system; it is based on the script made by EndeavourOS team but modified as i intend to need to work.



As you can see you can select what logs or information you need to share and also you can choose optionally to paste the logs in an online Pastebin service ( at the moment by default it share via Pastebin service and stored for 30 days before Pastebin remove it ).

By default only if you paste via web service the personal data are removed otherwise you need to explicitly remove them.

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Ok. This is amazing. I was literally about to open a topic to suggest a "troubleshooting cheat sheet to be put on the Manjaro Hello application". Yes!!!!

I think this is the repository with the code, if someone else is looking for it.

In my opinion removing pastebin logs after 30 days is totally counter-productive to what the forum is trying to achieve. The forum is trying to serve as a knowledge base for Manjaro (and other Arch based distro's). When you remove the logs from a past post it no longer serves as a useful refererence thread for others with the same issue.

The surest way to find a solution to a problem is to search past posts for an unusual error message in posted logs. If the logs are wiped, the past thread becomes next to useless as a reference resource.

I totally disagree with whiping any information from past threads that add to the Manjaro knowledge base. IMO if the OP wishes to obtain a solution on the forum they must leave the information that was used to find a solution to benefit others looking for a similar solution in the future. To do otherwise is totally selfish, and not in the spirit of helping others in the Linux community. Just my opinion.

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I can register an user to pastebin service and pass the username and password at pastebinit and set to never the expire time..

Update June 12, 2020 changed the pastebin service. Now should no expire

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Much better, thank you. :+1:

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