Manjaro Manual Partitioning - Windows will still boot even after creating an /boot/efi partition with esp flag

When I installed Manjaro, I gave it 100 GiB to work with. I then split 90 GiB for the main installation of Manjaro, 9.8 GiB for a swap partition, and the rest towards an EFI partition. While the installation is succesful, and I am able to boot into it manually, the computer will still attempt to default boot into Windows. I suspect it may be due to the EFI partition of Windows that has not been replaced, therefore the Manjaro EFI won't boot default unless I specifically select it in the Boot-Options.

If I simply delete the Windows EFI partition, would Manjaro default boot? Would that potentially break GRUB booting to Windows, or would I still be able to access Windows through the GRUB bootloader?

Additionally, if possible, how can I hide the EFI partition from being shown in Dolphin?

No. It won't. Don't do it. And windows won't boot anymore.
Read the first post and if in doubt, post the output from terminal as stated there (but output it here).
Oh, you can boot into Manjaro your way instead of using the livecd grub menu.

@reino, start your own blog and delete your post above.

sorry I was thinking of saving space

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It seems to me you installed Manjaro in MSDOS legacy mode, while WinOS is in UEFI.
If it's true, then you have to re-install Manjaro in UEFI and use proper partitions this time, for example as it is instructed in Manjaro User Guide.

No, Manjaro was installed in UEFI mode.

Then follow @gohlip instruction at above post.

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