Manjaro Mate 19.0 Kyria release

I'm proud to announce the availability of Manjaro Mate 19.0 Kyria.


This release ship with the new Mate 1.24 release

This release contain all the new feature already expalined here like the new kernel54 ecc.
In this release also i have reintroduced mate-tweak since finelly a working patched are submitted at the upstream.

Hoping you enjoy this release, have funny.


Supper cool, Thanks Manjaro team :ok_hand:

Thanks a lotttttttttttt!

Kaby Lake any support yet for microphones???

added to torrents :wink:

@Ste74 :slightly_smiling_face: I just downloaded Manjaro Mate 19.0 Kyria; I will try it out later.

By the way, could you do me a favour? I will like you to get in contact with Manjaro's website administrator; this is in connection to adding Manjaro Mate 19.0 Kyria to the list of Community Editions.

At the moment, the Minimal version of Manjaro Mate 18.1.5 is the only version of Manjaro Mate listed on Manjaro's website.

And, thank you for doing a fantastic job!

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Are you sure ?


I think this was fixed last night by @codesardine and @Ste74

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:thinking: Hmm. Most interesting!

The site that I used for this was and when I clicked on the "Editions" tab and hovered my cursor on "Community", I saw Manjaro Mate 18.1.5 (And, that was a few seconds ago).

Have you clean the cache of your browser ? Not sure what the issue could be, but also on the menu i get the 19.0 version



CTRL+F5 is your friend :wink:

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:slightly_smiling_face: Oh, I am utterly embarrassed. You are correct. I just had a look at Manjaro's website via the Mozilla Firefox browser; the information there is up-to-date.

My Google Chrome browser still has the old information. I will have to clear the cache.

I hope that I did not stir up a false alarm.

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do the command above, it will refresh the code in cache without removing all history etc. for every other site


No worries. It happens to all of us that sometimes we overlook things.

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@antikythera :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you. Your suggestion worked and I learned something new today.

Ctrl + F5 clears the cache without removing the web browser's history.

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it works for FF as well as Chrome

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I was dual-booting with Ubuntu MATE, which gave more problems than it was worth, so it's bye-bye, Ubuntu!

So, I downloaded Manjaro 19, and I enabled the Unstable repos. I'd done that
before Ubuntu hosed my system (again). I love it so far, and it was Ubuntu which was the problem. :rage:

I've been in love with Manjaro for 9 months now; I have fallen head-over-heels back in love with Linux, and I only wish I'd used Manjaro for far longer.

Such a great distro; it is Arch for the rest of us. :smile:


Night mode is not working. Does anyone else have any issues with it ?

Maybe shouldn't say you're "Proud" to announce it. Best to just say "Announcing". - Just a bit of professional marketing advice.

How do we update to this version?
Just by installing all updated packages?
Somehow upgrade our installation?
Or we need to do a clean install?

This question has already been answered several times. But yes, you only have to install the regular updates. Only some themes will not be updated/installed, to not overwrite modified themes. But you can install them yourself if you want to have them.


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