Manjaro Mate 19.0-pre1 (stable branch)

I m proud to announce the first preview of the upcoming Manjaro Mate 19.0 Kyria release.
This Iso ship the latest kernel 5.5 , zstd compression ( more big in size but more fast to install ) and this should resolve the issue made with the recent changes into libalpm.
In this iso are not present mate-tweak since not work fine for us ( but also for Solus since i have tested also there and i see the same error ) and since Ubuntu-Mate developers seem not have time to look at my MR and issue.

Stefano Capitani


Thats awesome

Was waiting for Mate version. Will try it now . :heart_eyes:

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Why torrent should always (prev version of 19.0 and current main 18.x version?) be private? Why to disable extremely useful features like DHT, PEx?


19.0-pre1 for private.

Manjaro MATE is nearly the same as Ubuntu MATE's desktop, except that Manjaro MATE's mate-tweak does not offer the Cupertino (OSX-like), Redmond (Win7-like) and Mutiny (Unity-like). This does make Ubuntu MATE very good for rank beginners, but Manjaro MATE is, IMHO, every bit as good for n00bz as Ubuntu MATE, and is faster, lightweight, and, since it's the much-improved version of the GNOME2 DE with which I fell in love with Ubuntu 8.04.

I despise GNOME3 and Ciinnamon; I dislike huge program icons. However, as very suitable as Ubuntu MATE is, with easily-changeable panel arrangements, it's still Ubuntu, and I'd love to see Manjaro MATE have this feature.


I've always wanted to like Mate, but have always experienced problems with using shortcuts on this DE. I decided to install this Pre-1 beta release on bare metal and have been using it for a few days. I created my typical custom shortcuts and have even used some of the pre-installed. As it turns out, they work sometimes, but most of the time when I employ the key combinations, nothing happens. Is there a trick to making them work? Otherwise, despite its good points, Mate doesn't fit my workflow and I won't be able to keep it.

OK here is what im doing running 2 different operating system new Linux mint 19.3 on 1 side
then on the other side i run manjaro mate to see how they configure their updates to differ from one another Linux mint stay (putt) manjaro has been updating to try to stay up with Linux mint trying to installing nvidia crap just a stock screen nothing special on both are laptops i can see no conflicts with checking the keyrings.strong text

If you point me where are the source for this layout i can adding at ours..

You are aware that Ma-Tay - yes, I just learned the correct pronunciation - is no longer GTK2 but GTK3?

Please don't torment yourself then. Use the workflow that fits your use case.

I am checking out the different DEs from time to time - on test equipment - and every time I find myself missing the simplicity of my Openbox system.

That is the great thing with Manjaro and Arch - the possibility of creating you own customized experience - and you can easily create an ISO with your customization.


One of the great strengths of Linux in general is the wide selection of DEs

Wow, I've been using XFCE and I liked it much more than KDE and Gnome and thought I'll never change it, Mate seems so nice though! I might try it tho

Nice work, thanks.

You can find the source here: search in the code for make_list_of_panel_layouts

All the panel layouts or hardcoded in ubuntu-mate-tweak.

Thanks for your work @Ste74.
I started over with fresh installation on 2 of my systems and it worked absolutely flawless out-of-the-iso and is looking nice.

I'd like to have mate-tweak installed by default and the snap-thingys left out, but thats very much personal preference.

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Is Brisk Menu now resizable?

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