Manjaro menuentry lost from grub

I recently updated the manjaro Linux, after I rebooted the system, manjaro menuentry was missing from the grub. There is no more advanced option too.
I tried chroot and installing to /boot/EFI folder. It installed but shows EFI variables are missing. Then I updated grub. It found my vmlinuz and fallback filed but didn't add them to the grub.cfg file..
Please help me out.

It means you booted to a bios-legacy livecd. You need to boot livecd in UEFI.
But try to see if this helps; it's easier but again make sure you boot up in uefi.

After booting up the installed Manjaro OS, just reinstall grub, grub-install and update-grub.

That can't be the case... I have disabled legacy support in my BIOS

Ok, just try out my previou post then.
Oh... even if we boot up in bios-legacy or if efivars is missing, just install efibootmgr, dosfstools and efivar. And grub-install using "--target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/mnt/boot/efi "

[edit] ps: did you mount $esp - /boot/efi as well after mounting / in your chroot?

I did....
Icould'nt get going with any options...
May be should have installed efibootmgr to get it right.
I just reinstalled the whole thing... Does'nt hurt! :sweat_smile:
Thank you for your time!!!

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