Manjaro not booting after BIOS reset

My BIOS reset itself and now I can’t boot into my manjaro installation. I followed this guide to install manjaro: [HowTo] Dual-boot Manjaro - Windows 10 - Step by Step.

So I have a separate EFI partition, is this where GRUB is installed? Do I need to reinstall it?

I have tried manjaro-chroot -a but it says I can’t mount 0. I’m not sure what else to try.


Have you checked the boot order in the BIOS?

I've only got windows bootloader in my BIOS. No mention of my Manjaro disk

Some BIOS/UEFI firmware have a feature to add a boot option manually, where you can select the Manjaro efi file . If it's possible, it would be the easiest way to fix it.

Else, use a Manjaro Live ISO to boot and repair, following this


After playing around with my BIOS some more I discovered the hard drive BBS priority which had manjaro as an option in it. I've never heard of this before, only boot order. Everything is working now and GRUB is showing both.

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