Manjaro not booting after install

Hey, I'm new to Manjaro and haven't used linux in about 5 years so I forget how to even set up the OS properly, lol. Anyways, I've installed the OS and restarted my system only to find a error message saying I have no OS. This is a common issue but the threads I've read into either don't completely relate to my issue or confuzzle me. I'm running bios and I have completely removed Windows 10 from my system.

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Which version did you download? 18.0.3 had issues with encryption. 18.0.4 or later should be fine.

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Do your bios fixed to use uefi and did you install manjaro in uefi mode ? If you bios is uefi and you install manjaro en Legacy it will not start and viceversa. Search treat for how install manjaro in Uefi or Legacy and how your config into the bios affect this. Probably you did install manjaro in legacy mode about uefi or viceversa just it is what i figure out there

18.0.4, and im using legacy as i dont see any option to switch to efi, though this is a old hp I'm using

Did you make sure to select your boot drive in the bios? Did you make sure a bootloader was installed?


Just FYI,this may help you

Here is some help with your issue, also look under tutorial section as there is a plethora of info to help you find a answer. Just FYI

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