Manjaro not booting. Blackscreen after Grub

I already followed the instructions in this guide(Can't login - black screen & chroot guide). I dont think its the display manager as i can't get a tty Terminal with Shift+Alt+F3/Shif+Alt+F2. I also changed the display manager via chroot and manjaro-chroot -a wont fix it either. I tried pacman -Syyu as in the guide but that wont fix it either. What do i do/try next?

Before this happened i changed the display manager to gdm but that doesnt seem to be the problem because i installed multiple other display managers via chroot

So the main change you made before it broke can't possibly have been the reason because you made more changes after it broke?

I suspect the opposite is true, and having multiple display managers is very likely the cause.

Nope. I removed all of them except gdm, which is enabled and it still wont boot. Another thing to note may be that after i boot out of grub it goes straight to blackscreen

Ah, but it will boot as you can get to a text console, which means the GDM configuration is incorrect.

What log output does GDM show?

I thought i mentioned that i did this via chroot

Oh good grief.

I misread


"I dont think its the display manager as i can get a tty Terminal with Shift+Alt+F3/Shif+Alt+F2"


(I can only assume because of the missing apostrophe...)

OK, so different issue than what I originally thought.

Can you boot in text-mode (appending a 3 to the GRUB boot line)?

No. Unfortunately not

I assume different kernels also don't work, and neither do the fallback variants.

In which case you're going to have to dig through the /var/log/pacman.log from within a chroot to work out what you installed or removed which broke things.

You could also try rebuilding the kernel initramfs, sudo mkinitcpio -P and then sudo update-grub.

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Ok. Thank you for your help so far. Im gonna do that tomorrow.

On what DE are you trying to log in?
To reach the TTY after boot, just press e to edit and replace on the linux line the entry quiet with 3 then press F10 to save and continue booting.

Repair it from there
Also see this and the rest of the conversation :slight_smile:

So as i did this a second time it didn't boot but at least information like
Welcome to Manjaro Linux!
[ OK ] reached target xyz
etc. got shown while it didnt when i boot normally.

Some terminology would help people understand your true issue.
Boot will not lead you to a complete GUI. Only at TTY terminal, where you can login in command line and do anything you want, except from having a graphical interface.
So, your system boots fine!
Before trying anything else, please, take some time and read some tutorials and guides. It will help you help forum users to solve your issue.
For example
How to provide information about your issues
How to change video drivers or configuration and troubleshoot

In TTY check the status of GDM and also provide info about your system

systemctl status display-manager
inxi -Fxxxz
cat /var/log/pacman.log | grep removed | tail -n 30

It only did after rebuilding the kernel initramfs as jonathon suggested. It's working now


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