Manjaro not booting up after update. Shows failed to load kernel modules as the only error

I recently updated my manjaro-deepin os, and in the middle of the update process the system rebooted.

After that i cannot boot into my system.
The only error that i could see is "failed to load kernel modules" error. Nothing else.

I could not even do anything after that.

I followed this post, and get till my shell, but cannot update since the network managers aren't identified.

I am newbie regarding the manjaro problems, but any further details, i can provide.

All my files are in the manjaro os and i just want it to boot up urgently.


when you say you get to the shell do you mean you get to a TTY or you get to the grub shell?

If you have a live cd or usb you can chroot into the system and

sudo pacman -Syyu

i mean a TTY.

How can i chroot?
Do i need the exact same version of manjaro ro live boot?

boot a manjaro live usb (installer), connect to network, open a terminal and:
manjaro-chroot -a
select installed manjaro and then when your at a # shell run the update
pacman-mirrors -f5
pacman -Syyu
update finish without errors? yes? reboot. no? post what failed.

no, any recent iso will do.


It is a great help from your side. I will post the update tomorrow. Is that okay? Right now i don't have alive usb i will create one tomorrow and check

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Might as well post this. Have a read! Tutorial: How to magically fix most computers that will not boot after a manjaro update!

Just an outburst: i'm tired of errors when updating/upgrading. Four people at work had problems this week.

read the announcements before you update, have a backup solution, dont do big/important updates in a GUI package manager. now go spread the word at your work.


Problem is, i just updated my system on a terminal. And still the same.

I can't agree strongly enough with reading or at least glancing through release notes before updating a system that you actually care about working. This should be done regardless of which operating system you run. Make a note of any gotchas, fixes and changes to the normal update routine. It's helped me have zero update problems for a very long time. I even avoided all the recent systemd issues.

There's no intention to sound smug there, I learnt this lesson the hard way when a Debian install crapped out on me after an update. There was actual data loss on that occasion. Funny story, or at least it is now years after the event, that was also the day I learnt that taking a backup of your important stuff isn't good enough. You really should periodically check that the backup is still doing what you think it is.

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did you review the terminal output for errors? if your not able to get to TTY then chroot in from a live usb, connect to network and from terminal:
manjaro-chroot -a
that should drop you to a # shell, then
pacman-mirrors -f5
pacman -Syyu
if you get errors you can try -Syyuu


This solved it. Thanks a very much, you saved me.


I'll be careful from now on.
Lesson learned

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glad to hear it worked out. :+1:

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