Manjaro on Mac Mini hangs on Starting version 234

i am about to give up installing my preferred distro ever on my mac mini 2011 with Radeon

i had issues with the bootloader but i figured out how to do it.

Now i am having issue with the module fglrx, i cannot start X server journalctl report:

could not insert Fglrx: exec format error

i tried free and nonfree drivers, look on google but nothing.

anyone can help me?


Well, fglrx/catalyst is dead. You can force use catalyst if you dont mind holding back xorg a few versions... but it isnt supported :wink: .
It would be best to use free ATI/Radeon, since I assume your card isnt AMDGPU capable.
I would either augment boot parameters [press e at grub selection] and try nomodeset.
Or probably best bet (since you want to install anyways) is to use Manjaro Architect, which will skip the graphical boot process and let you install what you want/need in CLI.
Might be a bit less pretty if you dont like the terminal, but it will guide you and should get the job done.

..I'm actually a smidge suprised that this is even coming up for you.. I wouldnt expect there to be anything fglrx on any of the new install media ... what ISO are you using ?

Thanks for replying me

I am using manjaro-xfce-17.0.2-stable-x86_64

if i run mhwd -l there is no ati/radeon but only video-catalyst video-vesa and video-ati

i tried all of them and still not working, but they have different errors

There is no graphical boot, just the standard one.

My gpu is an AMD Radeon HD 6630M

p.s. it works perfectly live so it's strange

OK - you want video-ati. Atleast thats where you will end up.
If you get different errors, what are they?
(Sorry, by graphical boot, I meant 'boot into the desktop'.)

drm:radeon_init ERROR No UMS support in radeon module!

running startx gives me:

/etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc: line 2 /usr/bin/X no such file....

giving uo
unable to connect to X server: connection refused

EDIT: if i add nomodeset (it was already there i added it yesterday) to /etc/default/grub i can at least boot into a shell, removing that the system got stuck at:

starting version 234
/dev/sda2 clean and so on..

Dmesg wouldn't hurt

you need to make sure that you use KMS, so no option like "nomodeset" or anything like this is possible.

The easiest way here would be to re-install and completely forget about the nonfree drivers/catalyst

if i boot live in legacy i can start X, if i boot live in UEFI it got stuck at starting version 232.

The problem is when i installed linux i do it in UEFI because in legacy i can't reach GRUB.

i need to boot in legacy to let x working.

editing the boot line of the live usb if i remove nomodeset=1 it got stuck at starting version 232.

if i set nomodeset=0 i can log in but no X.

I am gonna try an older version 16.8


with 16.8 no problem about bootloader but stil hangs on starting version....

with nomodeset i can access TTY2 but no X.

I tried Debian 9 and it boot up perfectly till graphical target.

X(with hardwareacceleration) will not work without modesetting, there is no workaround for it. at boottime, you could try

fglrx.blacklist=yes xdriver=radeon

Thing is that macs have some special hardware+software combinations that dont work the normal way :confused:

I don't think they are more special than some of the newest laptops.
Also, they get some relatively good support from linux devs.

It just feels dumb how we are guess-helping because he isn't posting any log.

they are. Apple gets its own PCIIDs for the own hardware. Macs are no regular ("open platform") PCs. So it could just be that we dont have that one ID to configure that piece of hardware..

Thats a bit hard without working X. I dont need Xorg logs of vesa or kernel logs without modesettings and he/she cant catch some logs with modesettings because its not booting with it enabled xD

If the mac mini behaves like a macbook, the bios automatically disables some hardware as soon as it is not booted into macos. You can tweak it around though.

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how? do you have any link?

I am reinstalling 16.8, i will try to boot without nomodeset then i will log in with nomodeset and try to catch few logs about previous session

It's funny that debian works btw

radeon 0000:01:00.0: Invalid ROM contents
drm:radeon_get_bios [radeon] ERROR Unable to locate a BIOS ROM
radeon Fatal error during GPU init
TTM memory ttpe 2 has not been initialized
systemd Faleid to start LDM (ok this is obvious)

this is the log from journalctl about the session that hangs on starting version.....

nothing else in X.log probably it saves just current session

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Have you tried the 17.0.3 installer media ? Seems that has many things fixed. Don't worry for the RC thing (release candidate) is stable as the latest stable update ...

I don't mind to use a RC, i will give it a try.
Before that i found this:

(if i cannot post different forum i will edit)

It seems that using systemd-bootloader instead of grub fix this problem.

it worked! with bootctl i can finally boot into graphical mode.

i followed this tut for installing bootctl:

Using Bootctl (Systemd Boot) plus bootctl install --path=/boot


works with 16.8 but not with 17.02 i think because i can boot in UEFI with 16.8 instead with the last release i can boot only in legacy, using UEFI it hangs at starting...

so if someone has the same problem, install manjaro 16.08 (booting in UEFI) and follow the instructions to how to install bootctl and then just update the OS.

Nice find there!
It seems a bug on the grub end eventually.
(or better.. I'm not sure if that's nevertheless expected design)

Too bad manjaro isn't shipping anymore with systemd-boot (disclosure: I could get it set up on my laptop with a 16.06-dev build that still shipped thus)

Anyway, did you got it to work with radeon, or does even fglrx work?


U.u, not only that, it seems that they are even using the same names for different things

i didn't try fglrx yet but radeon works

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