Manjaro on SSD?

I have treated myself to a second hand X1 Carbon with 256MB SSD. Is there anything I need to know about SSDs before I try to install Manjaro on this? (It already has an OS on it, so for caution I would want to install as a dual boot.)

No issues with SSD's but you may want to read this.

If anything, enabling trim timer for periodic trimming as recommended with:

systemctl enable fstrim.timer

and then proceding to delete "discard" flag from your fstab. Changing "relatime" with "noatime" if applicable is optional, but also recommended.


Excellent, thank you both for your help.

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If doing a clean install calamares seems to detect SSD and set noatime instead of relations (haha Android... relatime) these days. If only it didn't add discard and instead enabled fstrim.timer from the word it would be perfect.


Nice to know. I wasn't completely sure nowadays so that's why the "if applicable" part.

I agree about the discard thing. But it isn't that BIG of a deal apparently with modern SSDs. And calamares devs apparently think it should be up to users for the time being. No big deal either way.

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the only other thing to mention is if you use btrfs file system then remove autodefrag at the same time as discard. SSD should never be defragmented

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