Manjaro on Virtualbox: screen size stuck at 800*600

Hi All,
new to Manjaro Linux. Manjaro KDE Plasma 18. Kernel linux52

On Virtualbox. Host is Windows 10.

I installed the latest guest editions (linux-latest-virtualbox-guest-editions). I think my kernel got upgraded in the process.

Followed this Virtualbox Small Screen (apart from the 2017 patch suggestions). And numerous other posts on the forum and internet with no solution - i must be missing something..

The option auto-resize screensize is greyed-out in virtualbox. Max resolution is stuck at. 800*600

Currently running display adapter VMSVGA, 128MB mem, no 3D acceleration. This works, but limited to 800600
VBoxsvga (with or without 3D acceleration enabled) results in a black screen. (albeit larger than 800

I already re-installed the Manjaro VM when I broke display settings.
Installed virtualbox guest-iso and virtualbox-guest-utils. No luck.

Increasing diplay size in guest (system settings > display) temporarily resizes the guest window (1 sec), but then resizes back to 800*600.

Tried Vbox VGA (as suggested in [SOLVED] Auto resize display of Manjaro guest in VirtualBox on iMac): small success: "option auto-resize screensize" is nog longer greyed-out. And larger screen size options are available..BUT...screen VM remains black after changing settings...

So...I'm a bit stuck...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

Create a new VM and set it to VBox(S)VGA - then boot the live ISO and install.

You do not need to install the the guest-iso - it is for a Manjaro host.

The kernel modules gets installed automatically - the only thing you can add in is the virtualbox-guest-utils which has only the shared folder component vboxsf

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thank you very much!

Creating new VM with the correct display adapter AND reinstalling seems to have done the trick.
Not just changing display adapter on the existing VM...

Makes kinda sense....

Thank you for the link to the tutorial. I had seen it before, but mistakenly discarded it as a "how to install Vbox as host on manjaro"-tutorial.

Maybe I'll install the guest-utils later (following the Tutorial) for shared folders. For now I'm OK (and spend to much time configuring already - time to get to work :slight_smile: ).

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