Manjaro OpenBox 19.0?

Has OpenBox been updated to 19.0? Can't seem to find the link, click on the take me to the download & i get Error file not found. Does anyone have a link?

As of this moment from the downloads page, the most current openbox edition is 18.1.5 It does not seem that it has been updated to 19 yet.


On OSDN there is this page:

It's the minimal version of Openbox though.


Thanks! :grin:

Interesting. Sorry @Christopher67 I just looked at the normal downloads page. Minimal is all one should need for wm style anyway. That's awesome.

I have created a merge request for the new links

We have worked on creating permalinks - so maintaining the web page should be easier in the future.

The permalinks is updated using automated deployment.

Taking openbox as example

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Thank you, much appreciated!

Since it is solved I have marked it once. :wink:

I built a new PC & forgot to save the "full" iso, is there a way to get it instead of the minimal? Thanks!

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Thank you, much appreciated.

Wasn't aware its going to be minimal only now.

You can use Manjaro Hello - to select and install a small set of popular packages.

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