Manjaro OpenBox - fixing missing picom config after compositor update (compton->picom)

After one of the latest updates, for me it was on Friday 13.03.2020, I noticed black backgrounds under my polybar and conky. I figured something was wrong with compositor transparency.

For me, compositor is being started from '~./config/openbox/autostart' by 'manjaro-compositor' script.

That script was changed with the latest update to use picom instead of compton and requires '$HOME/.config/picom/picom.conf' to exist.
For me that folder and conf file was missing so compositor wasn't starting at boot.

I fixed it by renaming my old compton configuration file and adding it to the new directory.

mkdir ~/.config/picom
cp ~/.config/compton.conf ~/.config/picom
mv ~/.config/picom/compton.conf ~/.config/picom/picom.conf

Picom started normally after a reboot.

The script manjaro-compositor has been updated and new defaults are available in the /etc/skel/.config folder.


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