Manjaro Openbox tint2 system tray does not display icons

I have installed fresh Manjaro Openbox which comes with tint2 and polybar to display system information. First thing I did, removed polybar (the ugliest setup I've seen for such a nice tool).

However, I noticed that tint2 system tray has only clock and nothing else appears in it. I checked theme config and played with system tray icon sizes but nothing changes. I then installed trayer (a standalone tray), it works just fine and displays nm-applet, volume and other apps. Why doesn't tint2?
I suspect it was disabled somehow in favour of ugly polybar but where have no clue. Can somebody please help me debug it?

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You are free do do what you like.

Thank you for reminding me - I can see I have forgotten to replace a python package with the python 3 equivalent

sudo pacman -S python-xdg

Installed, rebooted it but nothing changed.

Which ISO did you install from? ISO filename please.

I downloaded it yesterday: manjaro-openbox-19.0.1-minimal-200229-linux55.iso

Did you logout after installing the python package?

This is necessary for the system to pick up the change.

Yes, I even rebooted.
Once I logged, Manjaro greeting popped up which didn't happen before.

The default tint used has a status area - but the absence of python-xdg (python 3) package made the status empty.

On the minimal version - only NetworkManager will show up in the status area.

I you have updated your system - most likely you have received some changes to the default configuration.

You can test it by making a copy of your configurations ~/.config and .gtkrc-2.0.

When you have done that you can copy the contents of /etc/skel/ including hidden folders to your home. Logout and login.

The firewall-applet will also appear if you install python-pyqt5 (reboot is necessary) and the service is enabled.

sudo systemctl enable --now firewalld

Why it is not enabled at install I don't now - it should be active also on the ISO - I will rework the ISO.

The tint2 tray bar has only clocks and had it from the very beginning before and after I removed polybar. No network manager showed up in the area. Maybe the iso is bugged. I might play with .config but I it looks like too much work tbo and I would just be ok with trayer.

The ISO is not bugged - I downloaded the ISO and did a test in VirtualBox before my previous comments - so I know it works - if the aforementioned python app is installed.

And the issue will be fixed with the next ISO.

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