Manjaro-openrc will be discontinued

Hi openrc users,

I am sad to inform you, that Manjaro openrc will be discontinued, won't receive updates any longer.

You might think that is bad news, but it really isn't, since openrc and non systemd moved to its own distro called Artix Linux.

More detail to come, we are currently working on home page. Transition instructions to convert your Manjaro into Artix are below.

First information can be found here.

Our upstream source is hosted here, and the repos and iso here.

Our forum can be visited her:


This sounds like a good idea.

One distro trying to support both represents an excessive burden, and prevents specialization, making technical correctness harder.

Its nice to see it as a layer on top of Manjaro which is a layer on top of Arch. That should yield the best of both/three worlds.

Hopefully the switch can be made smoother as time progresses. The methodology seems a little risky at present. A tool like Manjaro Settings Manager would be cool, but probably beyond scope for now.


sniff :crying_cat_face:
...hope.... just to clarify...
The steps listed in the news page are what needs to be done to migrate?
Please confirm.

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So if we don't substitute repos our installation will eventually break with Manjaro updates and nobody will be producing patches.

In devuan I have discovered that in their stable repositories there exist packages that don't exist in testing/unstable and by upgrading to the upstream versions things break due to lack of dependencies. I hope Manjaro OpenRC will not suffer similar fate.

Overall the more incompatibility that establishes with non-systemd distros the more evident the systemd totalitarianism becomes. I am getting to feel guilt for even using gnome icons.

do submit it to distrowatch: it does not need to be ready for a review to be on the waiting list.

Okay. Not sure what this really means though.

  1. Certainly it means the killing-off of projects like the lxqt thing, which was your work ...

  2. Does it also mean that Architect will no longer support an OpenRC option?

  3. And, does it also mean (this is more of a question for @aaditya I guess) the death of the community Manjaro OpenRC spin?


Nope, this just moved to artix linux.

No clue about architect, which is not in artix repos.

Yes, openrc packages will be removed from manjaro repos in autumn, perhaps same time i686 phased out.
Artix is a merger of arch-openrc and manjaro-openrc, perhaps archbang, and we would love obarun to cooperate.


I see. Okay. Thanks.

artoo is the man!


Good luck with the project it had to happen, But I hope eric does not abandon S6 as it has great potential arch based as well, I will certainly be downloading your work and giving it a spin
Once again good luck to all of you and thanks for the work you have done here as well.


Yes, a big thank you to artoo and the Manjaro team for working to make Manjaro OpenRC possible. A difficult task, done well. It's what drew me to both Manjaro and OpenRC (and now I'm a big fan of both).

Consolidating the OpenRC efforts seems like a good way to keep it available for Arch users. I will be following your work closely.


when i try to update db i have an error 404 at step 3
on a 32bit test install
is it only x86-64 ?

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Yes, looks like 64-bit only:


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so no worries yo have systemd, this is not in your concern
keep loving your manjaro


Is it your intention to have the AUR available?

Please answer this @artoo

so i tried in a VM and it's not working yet, or i miss somthing (for sure) waiting and will try an other time, need to reinstall all, and my connection is really slow

@cimarronline indeed with a x86-64 no error 404
but as you can see i didn't do it right for the moment ....
later on

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