Manjaro Re-Unity

I am about to say something unpopular: I love Ubuntu's unity. It is a shame that they abandoned it. So I have done my best to recreate it using XFCE, and improve on it, too.


It looks beautiful using the Dark Sea theme.

As a new user I cannot have more than one image in my post, so...



This is a full-screen application.

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This is xfdashboard. I have an affinity for Gnome Shell, so I installed this because it is productive.

I am using for my dock dockbarx with xfce4-dockbarx-plugin to put the dock on an XFCE panel. For the global menubar I am using appmenu-gtk-module.

I have changed the window controls around to "close,maximize,minimize:". Also I am using Compiz with animations that makes it feel just like Unity.

There is a way to get the full-screen window decorations on the top bar, but it interferes with the UI when a non-maximized window takes focus.


So to sum it up: Unity is great.. but xfce (with some configuring) is even greater!


Have you met Latte Dock for Plasma? It has a spiffy layout for Unity lovers

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good for you, i know there are a few more users that wanted it -> Unity DE for Manjaro

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