Manjaro realtime kernels

Ok buddy... personally, i felt rt LTS will be long term and current 46 RT not being LTS was the selection issue... but i think i ll go for it [46 rtk] :slight_smile: [honestly, i am no music editing pro though i listen to it a lot !

champ... i will install that too ! coz i saw both running flawlessly for my day to day activities [libreoffice, youtube, other videos and browsing]

will keep posting [if any change observed].... :thumbsup:



now running on 46 RT :slight_smile:
[and i now have both RTs along side 44 LTS stock]

46 RT is on default boot now as its latest !?

On my GRUB screen at least the regular 46 is listed above the RT, I think. But normally GRUB is set to remember your last choice in any case.

i dont think grub remembers last boot...
it lists from new to old [descending order]. as of now 46 RT is latest, 44 LTS stock is listed second{4.4.17-1} and 44 RT {4.4.15-1?}

i had rebooted from 44RT to 46 RT and i noticed this sequence in advance options, default is 46 rt now !

once pushed to stable, i think i ll go for vox and try running a vm .... will wait till then !

Also read my guide on how to configure jackaudio, because having the best performance in JackAudio is what this kernel is made for :slight_smile:
How to replace Pulseaudio with Jack, Jack and PulseAudio Together as Friend


thank you for the simple and lucid tutorial champ....
just for knowledge, in my case, as of now i do not have any tools for audio mixing related stuff nor i am an enthusiast in that direction.

can i install JACK for my routine day to day audio/visual activities ?
if so then as per your info, will there be an improvement in audio quality for the same hardware [in comparision to the "non JACK" mode]?

assuming i ve installed JACK, with my current config [on my laptop] will there be any lag on other apps if i run concurrently ? [like listening to music when i work on other apps]

{my questions may sound stupid, but then if these doubts are cleared, may be more like me will jump in to adopt and experience a better sound ! :slight_smile:

I'm currently running JackAudio+PulseAudio for all my tasks. I do gaming (Dota 2 and Stardew Valley) and making YouTube videos, compiling our kernel (been lazy for quite a while since @oberon always does it for me :smile:). I haven't got any problem yet with my day to day usage. Sound quality is of course improved because of the low latency and the realtime effects you can get with JackAudio. Especially if you do music equipment recording, latency is so important :slight_smile:

based on this, i ll give a shot and revert back ! [my experience will be restricted to hearing music and watch videos... someday i ll explore into the more nerdish nitty gritties !

great job champ.... was reading articles on realtime kernel and its applications / usage...

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followed your tutorial [took the qjactctl path]
now as i am on i3 where do i find the app to change settings ? i am searching !

EDIT: SUCCESS with cadence....
i removed qjackctl and installed cadence-git, followed your tutorial...
everything is working fine....:slight_smile:

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Nice, now enjoy the magic with JackAudio by installing jack related programs. Like these:

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still a long way to learn that ! :wink:
btw, i use vlc ,,, for playback ! thats all...

EDIT :slight_smile:
as i have the other 44RT and 44LTS stock kernel too... what happens if i boot off the other kernels ? do i need to reset my sound config to default of this same setting will work ? just asking out of curiosity !

Last but not least... technically, i believe whenever there is update available, i need to boot of the other two kernels to upgrage respective kernels or will the upgrade happen for all the kernels installed ?

Your sound setup will work without problem with kernel changes. But the performance will be different with each kernel. :slight_smile:
Upgrading kernels doesn't require you to switch kernel. You can upgrade all kernel at once. Only removing will require you to boot from other kernel because you can't uninstall currently running kernel. :slight_smile:

i tried...
booted to stock 44, opened vlc > audio > [did not find jack sink]
same when i booted into 44RT

finally i boot back on to 46rt and still the same.
i had to open cadence, start jack... [even though autostart at login is mentioned]

any clue ? do i need to be a member in group "audio" ?

EDIT: folllowed the rule as shown below to cross check, notice that group audio is not listed...

[quote] [rvc]@[/etc][10:00 PM]
[root@manjaro etc]# grep audio /etc/group
[root@manjaro etc]# useradd -G audio rvc
useradd: user 'rvc' already exists
[root@manjaro etc]# id rvc
uid=1000(rvc) gid=1000(rvc) groups=1000(rvc),6(disk),7(lp),10(wheel),90(network),91(video),93(optical),95(storage),96(scanner),98(power)
[root@manjaro etc]#

am i doing something wrong or is something fishy ?

that i personally did :slight_smile: first time install of rt46 and i wished to remove. when i booted into 44stock and opened manjaro settings > kernel, 46RT option showed as "install" and not "remove"
i went for the gamble, booted into 46rt and opened settings > kernel
here 46RT showed option to remove ! which i did with a daring to face the outcome... and viola, the kernel was removed, i reboot and was into manjaro via stock44... [still wondering how i was able to... or is it "MANJARO, the unbreakable"

Have you make the cadence as an autostart program in your DE? Easiest way is to copy the /usr/share/applications/cadence.desktop into your ~/.config/autostart/. Or just put this command in your DE startup script: ```
cadence-session-start --system-start

Uninstalling running kernel doesn't mean that the kernel is being removed immediately though. You can always do it using pacman. The kernel is already running with all the modules loaded, so it won't be a problem. But mhwd will not let you do it just because it assumes you only have one kernel installed so to prevent you to have a zero kernel installed. :slight_smile:

didnt find that....
current file sysem lists...
/usr/share/cadence and the (dot)desktop file not found [not listed in /usr/share/applications]

option two, i think i ll have to edit all the environments [i3 /openbox / jwm and budgie. lets see how it turns out.

i uninstalled rt46 booted from rt46 and from manjaro-settings-manager>kernel.
i presume i was allowed coz stock44 was installed so it let me remove rt46....

Okay, just booted into my computer. Here's how my ~/.config/autostart/cadence-session-startup.desktop looks like:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Cadence session startup
Comment=Cadence session startup
Exec=cadence-session-start --maybe-system-start

Just make a new file exactly the same like mine. It will start cadence minimized for you. :slight_smile:
Yeah, maybe msm has improved on that. I rarely use it so I'm not quite sure about it. :slight_smile:

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done... rebooting now :slight_smile:

EDIT: not successful !

What DE are you using? Is it the cadence not starting or the jack session not started?

Also, are you sure you have your session saved in ladish like this?

Use claudia to save your preferred connection. After configuring in Claudio, click on Session, save session. Then in cadence you'll see the session you have saved to be started on login.

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